Best Elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) Ranked

There are 14 Elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom, which are the best? We've laid out an elixir ranking to discover just that.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has fourteen elixirs that Link can make using combined materials that can be harvested from the land. Each of these elixirs has a use in TotK, but not all of them are very useful. Leave it to us to rank them all from best to worst based on practicality when you’re out adventuring in Hyrule.

Best Elixirs Ranking in TotK

14. Sneaky Elixir

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The Sneaky Elixir is the least useful because sneaking on enemies, horses, or bugs is possible with crouching. As long as you monitor your purple noise meter you’ll sneak on anything just fine. I honestly made one of these just to get the recipe done, which is Sunset Fireflies and monster parts.

13. Bright Elixir

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Bright Elixir is a definite number 13 because these pale in comparison to the Brightseeds and Bright Blossoms, which are pretty easily found. When traversing the caves beneath Hyrule or the dark places in shrines, I found myself using plants much more than the elixir here. You can make this with Deep Fireflies which are also easy to come across but it’s barely worth the effort.

12. Chilly Elixir

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At number 12, the Chilly Elixir, which is low on the list because it also loses its use pretty early on. Getting items that provide the same stat as this, helps you survive hot temperatures in the desert permanently and they’re easy to get. If you want a chilly elixir just mix Cold Durans with monster parts.

11. Spicy Elixir

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For number 11 we have the Spicy Elixir which is great for reaching that Third Shrine in the icy area on the Great Sky Island. However, you’re more likely to learn spicy meals made with Spicy Peppers first. Once you get the Archaic Warm Greaves the Spicy Elixir loses some of its practicality early on.

Unless you’re heading directly to an icy area after landing from the Great Sky Island there’s not many times you’ll need this. Still on the off chance you might, bring Summerwing Butterflies and monster parts to a cooking pot to make this elixir.

10. Fairy Tonic

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The Fairy Tonic is a pretty good Elixir that can be made when using Fairies and monster parts at a cooking pot. It is basically another Hearty Elixir except this is only made with fairies which are kinda hard to come by. On top of that, fairies by themselves save Link when losing all hearts. They’re better as a fail-safe rather than an Elixir.

9. Mighty Elixir

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The Mighty Elixir is pretty dang good for combat. If you want to deal more damage make one of these with some monster parts and a Bladed Rhino Beetle. Unfortunately, this can seem useless because of the new Fuse ability Link has which makes any fused item stronger.

8. Tough Elixir

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The Tough Elixir comes in at number 8 because of the all around damage reduction. Great for combat when your health is little and your armor is low. Still, any damage taken can be fixed by eating any food or just not getting hit at all so eventually these lose value over time. These can be made with Rugged Rhino Beetles and Monster parts.

7. Sticky Elixir

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Another sleeper pick that is actually quite useful when it rains in TotK is Sticky Elixir. If you’re tired of sliding down wet surfaces when climbing, use this elixir to cling to walls. That’s all there is to this one, just keep in mind that you’ll slide less depending on the level of the elixir. Though there are plenty of Sticky Lizards and monster parts to use in your recipes so don’t be shy about materials.

6. Electro Elixir

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This is sort of a sleeper pick but the Electro Elixir is pretty important. One of the worst elements to be hit by is lightning, so at number 6 it has to be the Electo Elixir which gives lightning resistance. This reduces the massive damage caused from electric attacks and lightning strikes. Meaning it makes hits that would normally one-shot you only take a few hearts. Perfect to have if you haven’t acquired the Rubber Armor yet and it can be made with Electric Darners and some monster parts.

5. Fireproof Elixir

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Being Fireproof was a great stat to have in Breath of the Wild and it’s still as good in TotK which is why its number 5. As the name states it literally makes you fireproof. Use this to turn enemy fire attacks into tickles. On top of that, this elixir is a must when going to Death Mountain and protects Link from roasting in the constant heat. Just grab a couple Fireproof Lizards and monster parts and throw them into a cooking pot to make this one.

4. Hasty Elixir

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Moving faster in Tears of the Kingdom is pretty useful when trying to get somewhere quicker without the means of a Horse, Climbing Gear, or Zora Armor. The Hasty Elixir has the effect of making Link perform any movement action faster. Unfortunately, the same amount of stamina is drained, it’s just drained faster. Still this is great to use when other methods of moving faster aren’t available. Make this with a hot-footed frog and some monster parts and give it a shot.

3. Energizing Elixir

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The Energizing Elixir is basically a lesser Enduring Elixir that will only replenish the green stamina meter. Still depending on the amount of materials used this can potentially fill your stamina. Make this at a cooking pot with monster parts and Restless Crickets. Worth it for any activity that drains stamina.

2. Enduring Elixir

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At number 2, the Enduring Elixir is a close second as it gives you yellow stamina. This wouldn’t be a big deal normally, but the best way to use this is just as your green stamina is depleted. It not only gives you yellow stamina but refills all green stamina as well. Great for long trips with your paraglider or longer climbs. Create this elixir with the Tireless Frog and some monster parts.

1. Hearty Elixir

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Coming in at number 1 we have the Hearty Elixir, which is maybe a little predictable. This is a great elixir because it can fill your health and give you bonus hearts depending on the type of ingredients used, making it a must-have later in the game. It can be made with hearty items like Hearty Lizards and monster parts.

This can be a huge help earlier on, too, when hearts are important as you have weaker armor and hits hurt more. Yellow hearts are a godsend that have saved me from death during some early Talus boss fights I stumbled across.

That concludes our list of the best to worst elixirs found in Tears of the Kingdom. Use this when prioritizing which elixirs to keep or toss during your adventures. If you want more things TotK on GameSkinny head over to our guides hub.

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