Best Harley Quinn Build in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Find out the best weapons, skills, and shield for Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League here.

Harley Quinn lobby view in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.
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Harley Quinn is my preferred character for Suicide Squad KJL. She brings high mobility and packs a punch with her grenade kit. Here traversal skills are great for swinging through Metropolis like another hero from another universe. Here’s my best Harley Quinn build in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

What’s the Best Harley Quinn Build in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League?

Harley Quinn is a great run-and-gun option for players. She’s agile and quick to the trigger. With the right kit, you can easily turn her into a powerful player. Below, I’ve broken my best Harley build suggestions into categories, starting with her best weapons, then her best shield, and finally, her best skills and Talents.

Best Harley Quinn Weapons

Black Mask's Bulletstorm in Suicide Squad kill the justice league.
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Your loadout evolves in complexity as you play KJL. While many might argue that an SMG and a pistol are the right fit for Harley, I prefer to use a Pistol and a Heavy Minigun, and have for the entirety of my playthrough. 

Once you master her Grappler, you can utilize her drone with R1 to get the high ground on enemies and shred them with the Minigun, or get off some precision shots with a Pistol. By far, the best loadout I’ve come across is the Black Mask’s Bulletstorm kit. The weapons apply a Black Mask Mark to enemies that will cause an explosion if you mark three enemies at once within 12 seconds. These were available to Deluxe Edition owners, but you can also make them.

When it comes to Harley’s melee weapon, I prefer to utilize Poison Ivy’s Freeze Affliction so that Harley can make her way through a crowd of enemies effortlessly. I recommend crafting new melee weapons at Penguin to get the best possible loadout. You can then customize the affliction by visiting Poison Ivy.

Best Harley Quinn Shield

Harley Quinn isn’t the tank that King Shark is, so you want to choose a Shield augment carefully. I highly recommend Shields that boost Health and Shield Harvest Chance. You can view your shield stats in your loadout. The Amertek Hotwire Shield Mod is a good example. It offers 15% Health, 16% Shield Harvest Chance, and more. If you need some new shields, head to Penguin to craft some more.

Best Harley Quinn Talent Tree Skills and Abilities

Hack standing to the right of Harley Quinn's Talent tree in Kill the Justice League.
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The Talent Tree can be daunting. There are three categories to tackle, and they all unlock independently throughout your time playing. If you choose to main Harley, focus on airborne abilities, combos, and grenade damage. If you think you messed up your build, don’t fret, you can edit your skills at any time. Here’s my recommended talent tree path for Harley Quinn.

Best Thrills N’ Kills Talents

  • Carnevil
    • After x5 Combo or more, increases damage dealt by 10%, and Counters have a 50% chance to drop ammo.
  • Bigger Bang
    • Increase Grenade Explosion radius by 20% and Grenade Ammo capacity by 1.
  • Bring out the Big Guns
    • After 10x Combo or more, Critical Hits with Heavy Weapons have a 100% chance to Spread 20% of the damage dealt to enemies within 10 meters.
  • Group Therapy
    • Hitting 3 or more enemies with a Grenade generates x3 Combo.
  • Cherry Bomb
    • Grenade Hits have a 25% chance to spawn a bonus live Grenade.
  • Encore!
    • At 30x Combo or more, performing a Shield Harvest has a 100% chance of causing the enemy to Bleed for 50% of the damage dealt over 10 seconds.
  • Clown Smackdown
    • Enemy Kills generate 10% Suicide Strike Resource.
  • The Ballerina
    • Transforms Carnevil into The Ballerina: At 40x Combor or higher, increases Firearm damage by 75%, Grenade damage by 50%, and Melee damage by 100%.

Best Meet My Mallet Abilities

  • Untouchable
    • At 5x Combo or more, Shield capacity is increased by 20%, and Shield Harvest chance by 25%.
  • Suicide Strike
    • A strong single-target attack that can be executed with enough resources. It additionally drops Shield Pickups for every player.
  • Drone in the Zone
    • At 10x Combo or more, performing a Shield Harvest generates 25% Grapple Attack Traversal Attack resource.
  • Safety First
    • Shield Overcharge increased by 50% and Shield Pickup amount by 25%.
  • Three Strikes
    • At 20x Combo or more, hitting 3 different enemies with Melee increases the damage of your next Melee Hit by 300%.
  • Keep ‘Em Comin’
    • At 20x Combo or more, Suicide Strike Kills generate 5 additional Combo and increase your Melee damage by 100% for 10 seconds.
  • Big Swinger
    • At 30x Combo or more, damage dealt while moving is increased by 75%.
  • The Ol’ One-Two
    • A Shield Harvest has a 20% chance to increase Suicide Strike damage by 250% for 60 seconds.
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    • Arkham Special becomes Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: At 50x Combo or higher, Firearm damage is increased by 150%, and Grenade damage is increased by 100%.

Best One Woman Show Skills

  • Twinkletoes
    • Every x10 Combo increases Firearm damage by 20% while Airborne, and performing a Grapple Traversal Attack adds x2 Combo.
  • Headspinner
    • Increases Grapple Attack Traversal Attack damage by 50%.
  • What Goes Up
    • Grenade damage is increased by 20% while Airborne.
  • Elusiveness 
    • Harley will no longer lose Combo when a Combo event triggers. Combo events can happen every 30 seconds.
  • Combo Coaster
    • Ground Evades and Slides have a 100% chance of generating x1 Combo during combat, which can happen every 10 seconds.
  • Juggler’s Delight
    • At 20x Combo or more, being Airborne for 5 seconds increases the damage of your next Grenade by 50%. Also generates x5 additional Combo.
  • A Grapple A Day
    • At 20x Combo or more, Grapple Traversal Attacks have a 50% damage increase.
  • Agent of Chaos
    • At 30x Combo or more, if a Combo Breaker triggers while Airborne, your Combo won’t break; instead, you generate x10 Combo. This can only happen once every 30 seconds.
  • Squad Ultimate Ability
    • A special skill to slow down enemies and lock down vehicles near the Suicide Squad for 30 seconds total.
  • Ultimate Thrillride
    • Increases Grapple Traversal Attack damage by 150%, and Suicide Strike damage by 300% while the Squad Ultimate is activated.

That does it for the best Harley Quinn build in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our SSKJL guides hub, like a complete list of King Shark talents and skills, and more.

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