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Best Jade Stones to Get Early in Nine Sols

Here are the best early game Jade Stones in Nine Sols.

Nine Sols is full of Jade Stone combinations that you can make. Chiyou and the Four Seasons Pavilion offer a lot of great choices for purchase as you’re getting started, and you can even find interesting ones. So, what are the best Jade Stones to get early in Nine Sols?

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Best Early Game Jade Stones in Nine Sols

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Between finding Jade Stones and purchasing them from the Four Seasons Pavilion printer or the Jade-selling Chiyou, here are the best options for the early game:

  • Stasis Jade: You’ll get this one from Baichang, the first mini-boss, and it’s one of the best options since it will stagger enemies you parry, giving you time to channel the explosion safely.
  • Quick Dose Jade: This is the best option to buy from Chiyou when you first meet him. Reducing medicine pipe consumption time is instrumental in boss fights so that you can dash or parry ASAP.
  • Breather Jade: I picked this one up after the Repository trap room, where the ceiling starts lowering as you head to fight Yanlao. It makes it so that you recover any internal damage when you attack enemies, which is incredible sustain.
  • Avarice Jade: Beat Celestial Spectre: Shuigui, and you’ll get this Jin amount-boosting Jade that’ll help you get much more gold than usual for upgrades. I like to equip it outside of boss fights.
  • Revival Jade: This is one of the best Jades for killing bosses since it will bring you back to life once during the fight with 25% HP. To get it, keep talking to Chiyou at his locations until you get the quest to repair the bridge in the Repository. Finish the quest to get this Jade.

Those are the best early-game Jade Stones in Nine Sols. For more Nine Sols guides, check out our beginner tips.

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