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Best Light Cones for Each Character in Honkai Star Rail

Boost your characters' stats using our list of the best Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail.

There are 72 light cones in Honkai: Star Rail, and each boosts your characters with better stats in some form or fashion. Characters can equip only one Light Cone at a time, so picking one that synergizes the most with your chosen character’s skills is important the further you make it into HSR. Our guide will list all the best Light Cones for each character while providing info on the buffs they provide.

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Honkai Star Rail: Best Light Cones for Each Character

Arlan: Something Irreplaceable

Arlan’s main strategy is sacrificing HP to increase damage, and that’s why Something Irreplaceable is such a fitting Light Cone for him. It restores 8% HP of his health pool every time he successfully attacks an enemy and increases his damage by 24%.

Asta: But The Battle Isn’t Over

Asta can be an excellent support character, strengthening her allies and increasing their speed with the help of her ultimate skill. But The Battle Isn’t Over Light Cone synergizes incredibly well with her ultimate, regenerating her skill points while using it and boosting her energy by 10%.

Bailu: Time Waits for No One

Bailu is currently considered the best support character in Honkai Star Rail, and most of her skills benefit from Time Waits for No One Light Cone. It not only increases her own HP by 18% and all of her healing capabilities by 12%, but it also increases her damage by 36% of all her outgoing healing.

Bronya: Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds

Bronya, although primarily a support character, has a strong offensive side. And she can share her boons with her allies. That’s why Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds is most suitable for her. It increases the attack of her allies by 10%, and it can increase their critical damage by 12%.

Clara: On the Fall of an Aeon

Clara is a solid counterattacker, and most of her power in combat comes from dealing weakness breaks to her enemies. On the Fall of an Aeon can increase her base attack by 32%, and if she successfully performs a weakness break, her attack increases by another 12%.

Dan Heng: In The Night

Dan Heng is one of the strongest DPS characters in HSR. His main advantages are his speed and ability to slow down enemies. With In The Night, you’ll be able to increase your basic attack by 36% and critical damage by a whopping 72% if your speed exceeds 100 speed point threshold.

Gepard: Moment of Victory

Gepard is a tanky support character who can protect his allies well and freeze all the enemies. Moment of Victory will provide you with an extra 24% defense, but it will also taunt enemies, making them attack Gepard first, which grants another 24% defense boost.

Herta: Before Dawn

Herta is the ultimate Ice damage dealer and a solid sub-DPS character for your team. She’ll benefit the most from the Before Dawn Light Cone, which confers an 18% damage boost to her ultimate Ice AoE, as well as an extra 48% damage boost to any follow-up attack.

Himeko: Night on the Milky Way

Himeko is a strong Fire type character that has a powerful AoE and weakness break skill. You can easily increase the damage of her AoE by 9% using the Night on the Milky Way Light Cone, which also increases her attacking power by 30% on enemies with inflicted weakness break.

Hook: On the Fall of an Aeon

Hook is another Fire type character, but unlike Himeko, her best attacks are targeted. That’s where On the Fall of an Aeon comes in very handy. It increases her targeted damage by 32% — and by another 12% if the enemy has been inflicted with weakness break.

March 7th: This is Me!

Although March 7th’s freezing AoE is quite good, her biggest advantage is her ability to shield allies. That’s why she needs strong defenses, which can be provided by the This is Me! Light Cone. This Cone increases her DEF stat by 16%, and boosts her ultimate damage by 60% of her defenses.

Natasha: Time Waits for No One

Natasha is a pure healer, and she’s really good at it. Time Waits for No One will be especially useful here, increasing her own HP by 18% and increases her outgoing healing by 12%. Banked healing deals 36% damage when allies attack.

Pela: In the Name of the World

Pela is Honkai‘s main debuffer, making enemies weak so you can deal more damage. If you equip her with In the Name of the World, she’ll be able to deal extra 24% damage to all debuffed enemies, and by another 24% when using a skill.

Qingque: Today Is Another Peaceful Day

Qingque has a unique DPS skill set based on shuffling tiles. Since she uses a lot of energy, you can equip the Today Is Another Peaceful Day Light Cone and use it to increase her damage, which depends directly on the amount of max energy used upon entering battle. On top of that, all of her damage is increased by another 0.2% per each point of energy.

Sampo: Fermata

Sampo is a character with a unique set of skills based on damage over time. The Fermata Light Cone fits this character like a glove, as it allows Sampo to increase all of his damage by 16% on enemies inflicted with damage over time skills, such as Shock or Wind Shear.

Seele: Sleep Like the Dead

Seele is probably the strongest critical damage dealer in Honkai: Star Rail. She’ll benefit greatly from Sleep Like the Dead, which increases all of her critical damage by 30%, and all of her critical hit rate by 36%.

Serval: Geniuses’ Repose

At Ascension Level 6, Serval can unlock Mania, one of her strongest abilities, which increases her power the more enemies she defeats. Geniuses’ Repose can boost this ability even further by increasing her critical damage by 24% under the same condition.

Sushang: Cruising in the Stellar Sea

Sushang is another character that focuses on critical damage. But she also gets stronger the more enemies she defeats. That’s why Cruising in the Stellar Sea is the most useful for her combo, granting extra 20% attack power if she defeats enemies and an extra 16% critical hit rate when her enemies have less than 50% HP.

Tingyun: But The Battle Isn’t Over

Tingyun is very similar to Asta, buffing all of her allies to help them deal more damage. That’s why giving her the same Light Cone, But The Battle Isn’t Over, would be the best choice.

Trailblazer: On the Fall of an Eon

On the Fall of an Eon is a good choice for the Physical Type Trailblazer because it increases physical damage. But if you go with the tanky Fire Type Trailblazer, then the best Light Cone would be Moment of Victory, which increases defenses.

Welt: Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat

Welt is the only Imaginary element character in the game right now. This means that he can easily Ensnare enemies to make them weaker. Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat increases the Ensnare effect by 60% and also debuffs enemy defenses by 12%.

Yanqing: River Flows in Spring

Yanqing is a very fast single-target attacker that can have both her damage and speed improved using River Flows in Spring, which increases her speed by 8% and her attack by 12%. Note that this effect disappears as soon as she gets damaged, so protect her well.

Those are all the best Light Cones for each character in Honkai: Star Rail. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, head over to our Honkai: Star Rail guides hub.

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