Honkai Star Rail: Best Natasha Build, Relics, and Light Cones

Here's the best build for Natasha in Honkai Star Rail and the Relics and Light Cones to get.

The best Natasha builds, Relics, and Light Cones can take a power Honkai Star Rail character and make her even more so. Because of her AoE healing ability, her Eidolons, and her general usability, Natasha is certain to be a permanent part of your team when you pull her.

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Building Natasha correctly can be the difference between winning a fight cleanly or leaving one battered and bruised. The only reason you wouldn’t use her is if you have Bailu. But unless you get particularly lucky with your Warps, expect Nat to be your go-to healer.

Best Natasha Build in Honkai: Star Rail

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There are several considerations when building for Natasha, but there are three that are essential, presented here in order of value:

  • Outgoing healing amount: Nat is a healer first and foremost, so any gear you equip should prioritize how much Nat can heal. This includes her Traces. If you’re having trouble surviving tough encounters because Natasha can’t outheal damage, see if her Traces can be upgraded for more heals.
  • HP: Nat needs as much HP as you can give her.
  • Defense: Natasha can’t heal if she’s been knocked out, so put plenty of points into her defense.

Your Light Cones and Relics should ideally bolster these stats and her Effect Resistance. That’s so she can avoid being Frozen and Imprisoned while dodging other detrimental ailments. We’ll cover the best Relics and Light Cones for Natasha below.

Best Relics for Natasha

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There are only a couple of Relic sets worth farming for Natasha. Only a few Relics cater to the basics we’ve already outlined. Once you unlock the Caverns of Corrosion, you can start target farming for the sets you want, though you’ll be limited by your Trailblaze Energy reserves. Here are the two main Relic sets you want for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail.

The Passerby of the Wandering Cloud: Passerby’s Set

You’ll get a fixed version of the Passerby’s set early in your playthrough, but you can farm for a much better one as you play. This is especially true for the endgame.

With two of these Relics equipped, Nat gains a 10% flat bonus to her Outgoing healing amount, which you can further increase with a randomly rolled Outgoing Healing perk. Having all four pieces equipped gives your team a free skill point at the start of battle. That lets your DPS characters like Seele and Dan Heng do their thing even faster. This is the set I use on all my Natasha setups, especially as I’m playing through the campaign.

Guard of the Wuthering Snow: Guard’s Set

While not Natasha’s optimal setup, you can technically run this set for its flat 8% damage reduction and 8% automatic healing. Only use Relics from this set if you absolutely must. While the bonuses are nice, they aren’t substantial enough to make a big difference in late-game content.

Best Light Cones for Natasha

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As a member of the Path of Abundance, Natasha has four solid choices when it comes to Light Cones. Here, use will come down to preference and progress through Honkai: Star Rail.

Time Waits for No One (5-Star Cone)

Bailu’s five-star Light Cone is by far the best of the bunch and gives Natasha 18% more HP and 12% more Outgoing Healing. It also banks all healing she does, only unleashing the banked energy when an ally attacks. That ally will then deal 36% of the total healing banked, giving Nat a rare damage-as-healer role.

Post-Op Conversation (4-Star Light Cone)

If you’re building your team for maximum Utlimate usage, Post-Op Conversation is the Lightcone you want to use. It grants a flat 12% increase to Outgoing Healing from Nat’s Ultimate and increases her Energy Regeneration Rate by 8%. That 12% bonus stacks with any other Outgoing Healing bonuses you already have equipped.

Shared Feeling (4-Star Cone)

This Light Cone is more general purpose than anything. It provides a 10% increase to Outgoing Healing across the board and regenerates two Energy every time Nat uses her Skill. Shared Feeling requires less forethought to build into and will benefit in almost any situation.

Cornucopia (3-Star Cone)

This is your budget pick if you have nothing better. Cornucopia’s effect is as simple as it is useful: Outgoing Healing when using a Skill or Ultimate is increased by 12%.

Best Traces to Upgrade

Ideally, you’ll upgrade Natasha’s Traces as you go, but the following four are the most important:

  • Gift of Rebirth to increase her Ultimate healing amount.
  • Innervation to increase healing to allies at 30% health or less.
  • Love, Heal, and Choose to increase her Skill healing.
  • Healer (bottom left) to increase her overall healing effectiveness by a flat 10%
  • Soothe (bottom right) to add debuff removal to any Skill heal.

Additionally, if you want to have the best Natasha build possible early on, I recommend pulling for Seele on the Special Warp. Nat is one of the featured four-star characters, and there’s a 50% chance that any such character you pull could be her. Eidolons will only make Nat better. The more you have, the better she gets.

And that’s our guide for the best Natasha build Relics, and Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail. For more, head over to our HSR guides hub, where we’ve covered the best Herta builds, all Warp Trotter locations, and a list of the best Light Cones overall.

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