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Best Magick Archer Augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here are my best Magick Archer augments in Dragon's Dogma 2 from all vocations.

Unlike other vocations, Magick Archers don’t have the best augments since most of them offer flat bonuses that grow obsolete in the mid to late game. Luckily, other vocations have some great options for our Magickal Bow-wielding blasters. Here are my best Magick Archer augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Exaltation from Mage

With Magick Archer, you’ll be dashing around a lot since you don’t have a reliable escape tool, so speeding up your stamina recovery is therefore important so that you can keep up your DPS. I mix this augment with a Ring of Quickening and Harspud-based curatives for swift stamina recovery. You get it at Rank 9 Mage.

Dominance from Warrior

Dominance, a Warrior Rank 8 augment, is core in the late-game, where Knockdown power becomes more important than just raw damage. The augment increases your Knockdown power, and I also combine this with the Vehemence ring. I use this augment with Grianmhar, which you can buy from the Dragonforged for Wyrmslife Crystals after defeating the Dragon and entering the true ending region. This Magickal Bow has the greatest knockdown power in the game for MA. With Dominance and a full Dwarven enhancement on your bow, you can stagger bosses, often allowing you to deal devastating damage with your pawns.

Lethality from Archer

Speaking of dealing overwhelming damage, this Archer Rank 8 augments aids us in just that. It increases weakspot damage, which we’ll capitalize on once we stagger a boss, and also during the fight. It’s incredible with the Ricochet arrow in tight spaces where all the projectiles hit the weakspot.

Zeal from Warfarer

Zeal is incredible on Magick Archer to conserve stamina on your weapon skills. Essentially, Zeal reduces how much stamina you expend when you shoot out your special weapon skill arrows. You can get it at Warfarer Rank 6 and still use your Magick Bow while you’re leveling Warfarer.

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Catalysis from Sorcerer

There’s a really great Sorcerer augment at Rank 8 for Magick Archer called Catalysis. It essentially increases the damage you deal with your elemental arrows if an enemy is weak to that specific elemental type. For example, Saurians will take more damage from your Frostseeker and Hailstone bolt. This way, you get an extra boost when you know what you’re hunting and what its weaknesses are.

Subtlety from Thief

Magick Archers are all about their pawns and supporting them in combat. Unfortunately, their pawn-buffing augments aren’t the best as they grow obsolete with only a 30 flat bonus increase to Strength and Magick or Defense and Magick Defense with the two MA augments. That said, the Thief Rank 2 augment Subtlety is quite worthwhile, taking the heat off of you and drawing aggro to your pawns. This allows you to support your pawns better with Remedial Arrows and blast enemies with your elemental DPS ones.

That’s it for my best Magick Archer augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Check out our Dragon’s Dogma 2 hub for more guides on how to unlock all maister skills as well as the best Thief augments.

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