Best Melee Builds in Enshrouded for Solo and Multiplayer

Melee builds can be tricky if you don't go with the best skills in Enshrouded.

Character laying in bed wearing Soldier armor set.
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As someone who loves to beat enemies to a pulp, I’ve had time to test out the many melee skills available to the Flameborn. These are the best melee builds in Enshrouded for solo and multiplayer.

Best Melee Builds in Enshrouded

There are a number of ways to play your melee character, from a high-jumping Assassin to a wrecking ball Barbarian. A lot of your playstyle and character build may change depending on who you’re playing with.

Best Multiplayer Melee Builds in Enshrouded

A lot of the skill lines for Warrior characters become viable when played with a team. Tank can properly soak damage without trying to deal massive damage back to enemies. Barbarian doesn’t have to worry about flying foes or dying if they have a Healer and a Ranger in the party.

Character wielding Guillotine in the Shroud.
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Barbarian Multiplayer Skills

It may come as no surprise, but taking the entire Barbarian skill tree is a good idea when looking to wreak havoc. One of the funner subclasses, the skills focus on double-handed weapons. Evasion Attack is also good to have given your constitution could be on the lower end if you only take the Strength nodes.

I like to mix in relevant damage buff nodes from the Warrior line, depending on the weapon I’m using. Slasher is the easiest since it’s the closest set of nodes, but any damage increase is worth the investment if you have the Skill Points.

Barbarian Blood Rage skill node.
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Tank Multiplayer Skills

Tanks have a hard time fully fleshing out a playstyle in single-player mode due to their lack of damage and small skill line. In multiplayer, their ability to reduce incoming damage, taunt enemies, and have a source of innate healing is great.

I personally like to combine the line in the late game with Battlemage and Water Aura or Warrior for consistent damage. Still, a beefed-up Tank Barbarian sounds like a terrifying frontline.

Nemesis Tank skill node.
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Best Solo Melee Build in Enshrouded

When playing alone, the skills chosen revolve around one class line less and often combine one or two to ensure survivability and damage output. I personally play a Tank/Warrior with dips into Ranger. This gives me health, increased armor, and damage. It’s made for my playstyle, but gives you all-around utility for whatever it is you need to fight.

Solo player Tank and Warrior melee build
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Solo Melee Skills

This build leaves plenty of room to expand into various skill trees or specialize in another direction. I take Poison Resistance since I can never face a Matron without getting hit at least once, and various late-game enemies can inflict the status.

  • Athlete
    • Constituiton
    • Jump Attack
  • Survivor
    • Runner
    • Jump Attack
    • Jump Attack 2
  • Warrior
    • Constitution
    • The Warrior’s Path
    • Strength
    • Brute
    • Hammer Time
    • Veteran
    • Swift Blades
  • Tank
    • Constitution
    • Shiny Plates
    • Evasion Attack
    • Battle Heal
    • Heavy Plates
    • Constitution
    • Warden
    • Constitution
    • Tower
    • Strength
    • Earth Aura
    • Thick Skin
  • Beastmaster
    • Endurance
    • Snake Eater
    • Mithridatist
  • Assassin
    • Dexterity
    • Airborne
  • General
    • Well Rested

Single-Player Equipment

Soldier set and equipment on level 25 character.
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Since the main healing in my build comes from Critical Damage, I went with the Soldier Armor set. Crafted at the Blacksmith, this set has max health bumps, increases the chance to Critical Strike as well as the damage, and built-in health regeneration.

While the Warden set also has health regeneration and increased max health, it focuses on blocking and Parry Power, which I am horrid at. I take more hits than block them. The Rogue set leans towards stealth and Stamina, with little left for health, which I need if I’m to survive late-game foes.

Fully enhanced legendary level 25 Twin Soul Mace
Screenshot by GameSkinny

My weapon of choice is a fully enhanced level 25 legendary Twin Soul Mace. It only deals Blunt damage (47 when maxed), but it also increases Critical damage by 20%. On top of that, it increases health regen and health leech. It synergizes really well with the Battle Heal skill.

How to Reset Skills in Enshrouded

If you’re looking to try out different builds to see which best fits you and your party, resetting your skill points is easy. Go to your closest Flame Altar and commune with it. The third option is Reset Skill Points.

Reset Skill Points prompt at the Flame Altar.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

For 10 Runes, you can wipe the slate clean and start over with all the points you’ve collected. That’s the price of salvaging a Rusty Sword or Hatchet. I’ve done this multiple times, with only a few points used at the beginning of the game to over 70 invested in the skill trees. Each time, it took 10 Runes to refund them.

That’s all you need to know about the best melee builds in Enshrouded for solo or multiplayer. With the refund cost so low, take the time to try out different skills to see what works for you. For more class builds, where to find resources, or quest walkthroughs, charge over to our guides vault.

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