10 Best Skills to Unlock in Enshrouded for Mages, Warriors, and Rangers

These are the best skills to unlock in Enshrouded, whether you're a mage, ranger, or warrior.

Character view from top of Springlands Ancient Spire.
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There are plenty of skills to pick from in Enshrouded. With three different classes and three different specializations within those classes, choosing what to spend skill points on is hard. To make it easier, here are my picks for the 10 best skills in Enshrouded you should unlock.

What are the Best Skills to Unlock in Enshrouded?

Whether you’re playing solo, with friends, as a Mage or Fighter, there are skills that can be utilized in all situations. From buffing your Glider to increasing your survival timer in the Shroud, my list encompasses everything from healing to area of effect damage.

10. Inner Fires

Inner Fires Ranger Skill.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Inner Fires is the best skill to get, no matter how you’re building your character in Enshrouded. While classified as a Ranger skill, it extends your Shroud Timer by two minutes. It costs 2 Skill Points, though you must pay 1 Skill Point to access the node before it. But that’s an Endurance node, and we can always use more Endurance.

9. Airborne

Airborne Ranger skill.
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Using the Glider is a Stamina drain that can have deadly consequences. The Airborn Ranger skill reduces the amount Stamina used while gliding by 30%. It costs 2 Skill Points and can make a massive difference between reaching your destination or falling from the sky.

8. Double Jump

Double Jump Ranger skill.
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There have been plenty of times I’ve been jumping, trying to reach the top of a cliff or ledge, only to find it barely out of reach. With Double Jump, you launch yourself for a second time while in the air, getting an extra boost. This Enshrouded skill costs 4 Skill Points, but it’s a lifesaver I highly recommend.

7. Quality Gear

Quality Gear general skill.
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A general skill in the middle circle to take is Quality Gear. Its Diamond Tree focuses on tools and resource gathering, but out of all of them, this is the one you must unlock. Why? Because Quality Gear only costs 1 Skill Point and increases tool durability by 50%. Now, you can cut more, mine more, and kill more.

6. Radiant Aura

Radiant Aura Mage skill.
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Deal fire damage to Fell enemies based on your Intelligence with the Radiant Aura Mage skill. As a Mage, you want to stay far away from enemies. You won’t be parrying too many attacks. Being able to deal consistent damage while in the Shroud and in a 10-meter-radius for 3 Skill Points? Yes, please.

5. Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter Ranger skill
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While Rangers are more likely to take the Sharpshooter skill for 2 Skill Points, the 20% increase to ranged damage means Mages and Warriors can take advantage of it, too. As a Fighter, I need to hit a flying Fell, and only my bow will do. Using Staffs as a Mage means higher Fireball damage. It’s a great utility skill, and it isn’t too far into the Ranger line to make it unobtainable.

4. Shiny Plates

Shiny Plates Warrior skill.
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Cost: 2 Skill Points

Another one of the best skills in Enshrouded isn’t too far off the main circle. Shiny Plates is one I highly recommend if you wear physical armor. Use helms? Chest pieces? Spend 2 Skill Points to boost your total armor by 10%. While necessary for melee-focused characters, it’ll benefit ranged attackers, as well.

3. Updraft

Updraft Ranger skill.
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The last of the Ranger skills on my best skills list, Updraft is a dream come true for me. Ever try to make it to a ledge by gliding, but it’s of equal height, and you just slide down it? Updraft costs 4 Skill Points and allows you to activate an elevation boost for 120 Mana, pushing you upward. Finally, we can reach that location just out of jumping distance.

2. Water Aura

Water Aura Mage skill.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Cost: 3 Skill Points

The first eight skills are great for both solo and multiplayer builds. They’re solid all-around picks that elevate your gameplay. The last two choices on my best skills list are strictly for those who play with friends most of the time, as their abilities focus gives AoE effects to players in range.

Water Aura is a Mage spell found in the Healer line. It costs 3 Skill Points and restores one point of health per second to all players within 15 meters. If you’re looking to keep your team on the warpath, this is a skill you’ll need. The healing is based on your Intelligence, so using food to boost it before activating is advised.

1. Earth Aura

Earth Aura fighter skill.
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Cost: 5 Skill Points

For those Fighters out there, Earth Aura is a great skill to take in the Tank line. It costs 5 Skill Points and reduces damage by 10% to players within 10 meters when active. That’s all damage, not just one specific type or damage dealt by a specific enemy. It’s another way to keep your party alive while completing quests, fighting Elixir Well bosses, or just exploring.

That’s my list of the 10 best skills you should take in Enshrouded. Regardless of build, Inner Fires is a must. If you’re struggling to find good weapons, stockpile resources, or not die due to the Shroud, take a gander at our guides hub.

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