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Best PS4 Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for October 2022

Here are 10 of the coolest Minecraft seeds to try out for the PS4 in October 2022!

Despite the fact that Minecraft world generation has been made to be almost identical across Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, there are still differences in the ways they generated natural structures. As a result, PS4 players may struggle to find good seeds online that work with their version of the game.

We've compiled a list of 10 awesome 1.19 Wild Update seeds that will work for the PS4. Whether you like ridiculous structure generation, survival island seeds, or beautiful landscapes, there's a seed for you to try in this list. Pick your favorite, and input the seed when creating your new world to get exploring.  

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Seed: 8027769604411866328

Coordinates: 119, 106, -364.
Biomes: Taiga, Mountains.

After a bit of a walk through a taiga forest and some flowery plains, you'll stumble across a taiga village atop a small mountain. This isn’t an ordinary village, however, as it features a very unique double dungeon surrounding a small farm.

This village provides a good starting base, and these two dungeons give some quick and easy loot, as well as loads of mob farm potential. This is the perfect seed for technical players who want to toy around with some spawners.

Seed: 5705783928676095273

Coordinates: At spawn.
Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Flower Plains, Taiga, Deep Dark.

Watch your step when you load into this seed: the spawn point is right below a deceptively deep hole that leads all the way down to the deepslate layer, and a deep dark cave. Of course, this cave features an Ancient City just asking to be looted.

At the surface, just past the hole, you'll find a small plains village that is being absolutely dwarfed by the Woodland Mansion behind it. Just across the river behind the mansion, there is a huge exposed lush cave to explore.

Seed: 637184628307790

Coordinates: At spawn.
Biomes: Plains, Snowy Mountains, Deep Dark.

This seed is incredible. You'll spawn in a valley enclosed by snowy mountains. Head to the opposite end of the valley to find a ruined portal, next to a large plains village. This is a very scenic area to build (once the ruined portal is dealt with), and the open space makes it very easy to work with.

Better yet, right next to the ruined portal is a cavern that extends all the way down to the deepslate layer. This opens up right into an Ancient City. You can’t miss it.

Seed: 3859588599659708154

Coordinates: At spawn.
Biomes: Jungle, Snowy Mountains, Dark Oak Forest, Forest.

This seed doesn’t pack much in terms of naturally-generated structures, but the view is to die for. You'll spawn on the cliffside of the dark oak forest, but you can follow the cliffs around to see countless different biomes along the shore, including a jungle biome right next to some snow-peaked mountains.

Right where the dark oak forest meets the jungle, you can find a suspiciously square-shaped cave entrance into a lush cave. The cave itself isn’t spectacular, but it does grant easy access to glow berries.

Seed: 5255823060500105168

Coordinates: At spawn.
Biomes: Ocean, Jungle.

It’s a stretch to call this seed a survival island seed, considering there are literally no trees to work with, but the world generation is too good to pass up. Atop this giant block of whatever would make for a very interesting place to set up home.

Luckily, there are other islands very close by. It’s impossible to miss the massive bamboo jungle cliffs just across the water, with a lush cave ravine cutting through it. You can swim out here for some early-game resources, before heading back to the big ugly square thing to get building.

Seed: -794029084388014626

Coordinates: 3192, 79, 600.
Biomes: Jungle, Dark Oak Forest.

The walk required to get here is no joke, but the payoff is some of the weirdest botched world generation you’ll see. At the coordinates above, you'll come across a Woodland Mansion built into the inside of a mountain.

Seeing mansions intersect mountains like this isn’t too uncommon, but this mountain features a lush cave inside, which causes moss, vines, and glow berries to dangle from the ceilings of the mansion. The result is one of the prettiest mansion interiors you’ll ever see.

Seed: 165605352

Coordinates: At spawn.
Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Birch Forest.

Do you really want to explore a Woodland Mansion, but can't be bothered to venture out to find one? Well, this may just be the perfect seed for you. Here, you'll spawn on top of a Woodland Mansion roof.

The mansion overlooks an ocean and is surrounded by forest that seems to go on forever. The mansion contains loads of allys to be freed on the bottom floor and even a chest with a diamond hoe for the taking.

Seed: -2142629609327882890

Coordinates: 160, 72, -360.
Biomes: Desert, Mountains, Mangrove Swamp.

This seed spawns you near what is perhaps the tallest desert temple in all of Minecraft. This temple spawns right on the edge of a desert, where the biome meets a mountain, causing it to generate far up in the air and extend downward.

Just to the left of the temple entrance, a large mangrove swamp biome can be found. This is one of the newest additions to the game, coming as part of 1.19, and is the only biome in which mangrove logs can be obtained. For players looking to experiment with these new blocks, this is a great seed to use.

Seed: 3338433209771319842

Coordinates: -258, 116, 565.
Biomes: Snowy Mountains, Meadow, Deep Dark.

After a bit of a walk, you'll come across a village with a view. Built into the side of a snowy mountain, this village overlooks a huge meadow with a forest on the far side, but what makes this village really impressive is what lies beneath.

Digging straight down (safely) at the coordinates above, you'll first dig straight through a stronghold, where an End portal can be found. Continue digging straight down further, and you'll fall straight into an Ancient City.

Seed: 7092520341702684904

Coordinates: 518, 67, 1677.
Biomes: Mangrove Swamp, Desert.

For players looking to explore the new mangrove swamps, this a great seed to use. You'll spawn right inside of a mangrove swamp, and can grab all of the roots and logs they desire. To see what makes this seed really interesting, however, it’ll be a bit of a trek.

At the coordinates listed above, you'll find a perfectly normal-sized Woodland Mansion. Definitely nothing unusual about it. In the surrounding area, you can find a few villages at 687, 70, 2000, and 98, 75, 1855.

If you're looking to explore more seeds in Minecraft, consider checking out our other lists in the Minecraft seeds hub!

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