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Best Risky Ring BG3 Builds

Here are the best Risky Ring BG3 builds that can make great use out of this high-risk high-reward item.

The Risky Ring is one of my favorite magic items in Baldur’s Gate 3 because I love high-risk, high-reward playstyles. With that in mind, the ring is best utilized by glass cannon builds, which I’m about to analyze. Here are my best Risky Ring BG3 builds.

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Top Risky Ring BG3 Builds Guide

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After you purchase the Risky Ring from Araj Oblodra on the lower floor of Moonrise Towers in Act 2, an entire world of glass cannon possibilities opens up. That said, the best Risky Ring BG3 builds are generally those that are ranged and can make use of the Advantage on all Attacks but aren’t hindered as much by the drawback since they’re further back. I highly recommend using it with the following classes:

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All of these Risky Ring BG3 builds essentially do the same thing: you pick the Archery fighting style on Rangers and Fighters and the Sharpshooter feat at Level 4. Whatever class you choose, make sure to start with Dexterity 17 and pick up Auntie Ethel’s Scalp for that +1 increase for Dexterity 18. Then, pick up any magic pair of Hand Crossbows because they give you an Extra Attack with your Bonus Action for dual-wielding and rush to Level 5 for Extra Attack. Rogues do the same thing, and though they lack Extra Attack, they have Sneak Attack to compensate. However, you can Multiclass for Extra Attack either way.

Then, with the Risky Ring and Sharpshooter active, you’re firing two Hand Crossbow attacks with your main hand and one with your off-hand. All of them are at Advantage because of the Risky Ring and have +10 damage due to Sharpshooter. Furthermore, Gloom Stalkers can make an extra attack in Round 1, Thief Rogues have another attack with their extra Bonus Action, and Archery Fighters can Action Surge for more attacks. The Risky Ring Disadvantage on saves doesn’t hurt you as much since you’re at a safe distance.

Have fun watching enemies melt from afar with your plethora of Risky Ring Advantage Sharpshooter-powered attacks. For more Baldur’s Gate 3 builds, check out the best Ranger gear.

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