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Best Skills for Each Class in Rise of the Ronin

Improve your gameplay with these skills.

Rise of the Ronin has four main classes that you can choose from. Although each class has its own set of skills, you can choose to upgrade any of these Skill Branches no matter which class you choose. Here are the best skills for each class in Rise of the Ronin. 

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Rise of the Ronin: Best Skills for Each Class

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Best Skills for Killer Sharpening Origin 

The Killer class has the highest stat in strength. With this class, you’ll want skills that help you in blade-to-blade combat. These skills will help you deal more damage and keep your health up in fights.

  • Weapon Proficiency Acquisition: This allows you to become more efficient when using other weapons. 
  • Killer Blade: Allows you to perform an instant kill instead of critical hits that will frighten nearby enemies. 
  • Auto-Life Recovery: This will restore all of your health when a fight ends. 

Best Skills for Breaker Sharpening Origin

The Breaker class focuses on Dexterity. For this class, you’ll want skills that improve stealth and assassinations. These are by far the most useful skills in the game.

  • Rapid Assassination: This allows you to stealth-kill two enemies at once. 
  • Grappling Rope Assassination: This lets you stealth-kill enemies while you’re on top of a building. 
  • Quietness Up: Makes all of your movement completely silent

Best Skills for Seducer Sharpening Origin

The Seducer class focuses more on decision-making and dialogue options than it does on combat. Because of this, you’ll want more supportive skills. Although they won’t add to any combat scenarios, they allow you to see other story options and help you get more resources.

  • Speechcraft “Persuade”: This unlocks unique dialogue options and allows you to persuade NPCs
  • Increased Ememy Coin Acquisition: This increases the amount of coins you’ll obtain when defeating enemies 
  • Reward Acquisition Up: Increases the rewards you obtain from finishing missions.

Best Skills for Sapper Sharpening Origin

The Sapper class specializes in firearms and medical items. This means you’ll be fighting from a distance most of the time. These skills will make your Rifle and Revolver some of the best weapons you can have in the game.

  • Upgraded Rifle Performance: Boost bullet speed and increase damage when you land a headshot.
  • Revolver Critical Hit: Allows you to use a Revolver for a Critical Hit with enemies who have no Ki left.
  • Craft Status Ailement Items: Allows you to craft stones that can be used to inflict status alimony onto your primary weapon.

Those are the best skills for each class in Rise of the Ronin.  If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated Rise of the Ronin guides hub for topics such as where to find that elusive white horse

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