Water base on the horizon in Sunkenland
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Top 10 Best Sunkenland Mods to Install Right Now

Here's our list of the 10 best mods for Sunkenland to improve your survivability — and quality of life.

There’s simply no better way of overcoming various obstacles in a game — or making it your own — than by installing mods. From quality-of-life improvements to gameplay tweaks, there’s a ton that you can do to this Waterworld-adjacent survival game. These are the 10 best Sunkenland mods.

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The Best Sunkenland Mods to Download From Nexus Mods

It’s true that you can download Sunkenland mods from various places, but I trust Nexus Mods — and you should, too. They’re safe and reputable, and it’s the first place you should look for additions to any of your games.

Though not featured in my list below, Thunderstore also has Sunkenland mods, and I’ve found it’s another safe zone for downloading modifications in my coverage for Lethal Company mods. Without further ado, let’s dive in with my picks.

10. Admin Menu Mod

Admin Menu is the most important Sunkenland mod, as it brings back the functionality for console commands, which was removed after the official release of the game. It requires another mod to function, such as BepinEx, so be sure to install it, too.

When you set it correctly, you’ll be able to toggle various features, such as unlimited health, ammo, resources, etc. But my personal favorite feature is the item spawner, which functions like a magic wand for any item you wish for in the game.

9. Sunkenland Util Mod

I strongly recommend installing the Sunkenland Util mod in addition to the Admin Menu. They complement each other with extra functionality and fine-tuning. This mod is capable of adjusting the size of stacks, which aren’t available in the Admin Menu, as well as multiplying various consumption and recovery rates. Be sure to update it regularly, as each additional content update will make the older versions obsolete.

8. No Wires Mod

Just as in real life, if there are too many wires hanging off the ceiling or covering the floor, it starts to look terribly chaotic. But, thankfully, the No Wires mod removes this nuisance, although you can still see wires when you connect them. But at all other times, they’re totally invisible, not only making things look far more appealing but also removing extra pressure from your GPU.

Collapsing water base in Sunkenland
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7. Sunken Compass Mod

It’s no secret that it can be really hard to identify your orientation in the game’s vast, watery landscapes. That’s where the Sunken Compass can come in very handy, adding a neat orientation line with four cardinal direction signs to the top of your screen. With the help of this simple mod, you’ll always know where you’re headed!

6. Fast Plants Growth and Stuff Mod

Farming can take up a lot of your time if you do it as it’s intended. But who said you can’t make things grow faster? Well, the Fast Plants Growth and Stuff mod does exactly that and increases the growth speed of all your plants. I was also happy to discover that it makes both your water pumps and water purifier pump water faster — and your air filling station pumps air a lot quicker, too.

5. No Building Restrictions Mod

There just isn’t enough land to build everything you want in Sunkenland. That’s why I got so excited to find out about the No Building Restrictions mod, which allows you to build literally anything and anywhere. You can even build your structures without foundations up in the air, which, I have to say, does look pretty cool.

4. Clear Water Mod

Most resources in Sunkenland are deposited underwater. But the game mechanics prevent us from searching for resources at night, as the water is so dark that it’s impossible to find anything. This means that daytime is the only suitable time for diving and picking up loot — unless you want to swim with the torch, which isn’t terribly effective either. However, with the help of the Clear Water mod, you can freely search for resources at any time of the day.

Fully loaded water base in Sunkenland
Image via Vector3 Studio

3. For Watt It’s Worth Mod

Seeing underwater at night is great, of course, but what about the surface? If you want to keep building at night, you need a lot of fuel for your generators, and that makes working at night a rather expensive endeavor. Fortunately, there’s the For Watt It’s Worth mod that eliminates the problem of spending too much fuel on your generators. Here, you can adjust just how much of it you’re ready to spend, being able to turn it down to the bare minimum.

2. Structures Durability Mod

If you’re tired of your structures constantly getting damaged, then be sure to install the Structures Durability mod. It allows you to configure just how much durability you want your structures to have, all the way up from 0% to 100%. You can also make your hammer into a magic tool that will instantly repair any damage dealt to your buildings.

1. Motor Boatin Mod

An empty boat can travel really fast, but if you plan on loading it up with loot, then it will take some time before you can reach your base. Well, I wouldn’t want to waste my time on such a nuisance, so let me introduce you to the Motor Boatin mod. This little modification will let you configure the speed of your boat regardless of its carrying weight.

That’s it for my list of the 10 best Sunkenland mods to install right now. Hopefully, you’ve found what you were looking for. Stay tuned for more SL tips and tricks articles right here.

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