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Best Supports in Overwatch 2 for Players with Bad Aim

Here are the top 5 Overwatch support heroes that aren't dependant on aiming.

Aiming is a core part of the FPS format, but Overwatch 2 has several Support heroes whose kit does not include aiming. Instead, they focus on other skills like positioning, healing management, etc. Here are the best supports in Overwatch 2 for players with bad aim.

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Top 5 Supports in Overwatch 2 for Players Who Don’t Want To Aim


I would say Moira is the best hero in the game if you don’t want to worry about aiming both for her damage and support kit. You can just aim Biotic Grasp and Biotic Orb in the general direction of allies or enemies and be effective. In fact, even her ultimate deals damage in a wider area than you would think, so it’s easy to aim. Despite the attraction of DPS Moira, I would still focus on healing but both sides of her require virtually no aiming skills.

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All you have to worry about with Brigitte is spreading Repair Packs around and smacking enemies with your flail. She can be a hard hero to learn, but aiming will never be a problem. Of course, there are advanced maneuvers like animation canceling with Shield Bash and so on, but even her advanced moves don’t require much mouse/analog precision.


With Mercy, you’re at your most effective when mastering when to use healing, when to use damage boosts, and where to position yourself on the battlefield. None of these aspects of playing her require much aiming. Her Caduceus Blaster is a projectile weapon, but it’s mostly used in niche situations and it’s almost never a priority. Mercy is the best hero to play if you want to practice combat placement, and her flight ability gives you an opportunity to do that more easily.


Lifeweaver’s main kit is all about homing heals and easy-to-land supportive abilities. Healing Blossom and Petal Platform are quite reliable, and the Rejuvenating Dash will keep you safe in almost any low to medium-risk situation. His Thorn Volley attack is even slightly easier to hit than many other support hero weapons due to its spread. Overall, Lifeweaver is a great hero to get into if you don’t want to worry about aiming as much.


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Now, even though Lucio’s primary fire is his main source of damage on certain maps, you don’t have to worry about aiming at all. For example, at Lijiang Tower in Nepal, there are plenty of falls that you can push your enemies into to kill them instantly. Then, it all becomes a game of movement, healing, and positioning properly. That said, this strategy that doesn’t require that much aiming is only available on these maps with fall sections. Otherwise, you’ll have to practice his primary for a decent DPS.

And those are my top 5 best supports in Overwatch 2 for players with bad aim. For more Overwatch 2 guides, check out our competitive guide.

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