Which Temtem starter should you take at the beginning of your TemTem adventure?

Best Temtem Starters: Which Starter is Right for YOU?

Which Temtem starter should you take at the beginning of your TemTem adventure?
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At the start of your Temtem journey, you’ll be given the option between three Temtem starters. These aren’t your standard Grass/Water/Fire starters, though. There is, however, still a Rock/Paper/Scissors trinity between these new Types. 

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TemTem‘s three starter options are:

  1. Smazee the Melee type
  2. Houchic the Mental type
  3.  Crystle the Crystal type.

There’s more information on these starters below, but for a deeper explanation of TemTem‘s Types and battle mechanics, check out our TemTem Battle Guide.

Also please be aware that the stats shown below are predetermined, and the starter Temtem will never be Lumas — the TemTem equivalent of shiny Pokemon — so don’t bother resetting your progress. What you see here is what you get.


Crystle is a defensive Crystal-type Temtem that favors physical attacks. Crystal is considerably slower than the other two starters, though, so don’t expect to move first in battle very often. 

To make up for this, Crystle has a beefy Defense stat, the best HP of the three, and techniques such as Mirror Shell that boost its defensive capabilities. 

Crystal also learns Crystal Dust by Level 9, a High Priority, 60-damage technique with a Wind Synergy. Wind-type Temtem are easy to find in the first few hours of the game — you’re even given one shortly after making your decision for starter! — making this synergy easy to pull off for increased damage and priority.

You should pick Crystle if you prefer a slow, methodical playstyle that doesn’t mind soaking up hits to survive a battle. It’s worth noting that TemTem is considerably harder in the early-game than recent Pokemon titles, so Crystle being a bulky tank with some useful moves is a bonus for beginners.


Smazee is the strongest Physical Attacker of the three options, while also having the highest Stamina stat, and moves with low cost that can be spammed frequently.

Smazee learns Uppercut at Level 16, a base 80 physical Melee-type attack that has no Hold requirement, making it an extremely powerful move. Kick is also useful for its High Priority, coupled with Smazee’s good Speed stat.

Smazee’s Melee type gives it extra damage against Earth and Crystal Temtem, but leaves it vulnerable to Mental and Digital techniques. None of these are common in the first 15 hours or so, though, making Smazee somewhat of a “neutral” pick.

You should pick Smazee if you prefer a consistent, bruiser playstyle that can deal constant damage and survive a few hits. TemTem’s focus on Stamina in battles means you’ll need to learn to adjust, but Smazee is a well-rounded damage dealer that’s always a threat. 


Houchic shines as the Special Attacker of the group. It has average Stamina, but very hard-hitting techniques that often cost a lot of Stamina to use. It also has the lowest HP stat of the three starters, reinforcing a “glass cannon” playstyle.

Houchic learns Energy Manipulation at Level 11, a High Priority, 45 power technique with a Nature synergy. Nature Temtem are also easy to find early on in your adventure, making it easy to apply the bonus effect of increased damage and one turn of Exhaust — a status condition that increases a Temtem’s Stamina costs.

Houchic’s Mental typing gives it extra damage against (and resistance against) Neutral and Melee Temtem, but leaves it vulnerable to Crystal, Digital, and Electric techniques. Electric Temtem are common in one of the early areas, so this is worth bearing in mind. 

You should pick Houchic if you prefer an all-or-nothing playstyle that throws caution to the wind. As we’ve said, TemTem has a very demanding early-game, so this decision shouldn’t be made lightly. Houchic is a powerful Temtem capable of bursting down problem targets.

And that’s all you need to know about the best starter Temtem, as well as their stats, moves, strengths, and weaknesses. For more information on the starters, check out TemTem‘s Starter Trailer, or check out some of our other TemTem guides

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