Best World Of Warcraft Addons For New Players

An undefinable world at your fingertips, ready to be enhanced with addons!

An undefinable world at your fingertips, ready to be enhanced with addons!

Addons can enhance your gameplay within World of Warcraft, either by changing the user interface of the game or by making tasks simpler.

Below are some of the Best World Of Warcraft Addons For New Players.

Number 1 – Addon Control Panel

This addon allows the user to take full control over all of their addons. You can control whether or not you load certain addons and lock specific set ups to your different characters. Addon Control Panel adds the ‘Addons’ button to the games menu (you can reach this menu by pressing ESC).

It allows you to manage your addons in-game without logging out to your character screen. ACP helps to deal with clutter caused by multi-part addons and displays this in a much more logical and user-friendly way. ACP provides you with detailed information about each addon and makes your addons list easy to manage.

Number 2 – Bagnon

This addon seems silly, but it creates a much more welcoming look to your bags. It combines them all together and simply makes the game easier for you, the player.

Bagnon merges all of your inventories into 3 simple windows: bags, bank, and guild bank

Number 3 – Auctioneer

Although this addon seems confusing at first, as soon as you understand the interface it will work really nicely within your game. This addon works deeply within the auction house to offer you the best prices to undercut your competition.

This is an ultra-lightweight and fast addon that will provide you with the tools and data necessary to make using the auction house a simple task. From purchasing to posting, Auctioneer will scan through the auction house to discover the best prices for your items and to ensure you’re not being ripped off when you purchase and item. Auctioneer also provides in-depth information on all game items so you always know what’s best to do with your loot.

Number 4 – Bartender

Bartender allows you to take full control over your action bars. Once you understand the addon it will provide you with the features to customize your action bars as much as you want. It truly recreates the game by creating an almost new UI for your eyes to feast upon.

This addon lets you customize up to 10 different action bars meaning you will never run out of room for your macros, spells and mounts. Almost everything situated at the bottom of your screen can me moved and manipulated with tools that scale and fade.

Number 5 – Sell Junk

SellJunk sells all junk to the vendors. This is all grey items and user specified items that can be added to a list of exceptions. It can sell automatically by clicking the sell junk button when you’re at a vendor or destroy your junk if you are far from civilization.

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