These are the best weapon loadouts in the XDefiant Beta and how we rank all of the game's guns in its current build.

Best XDefiant Loadouts: All Beta Guns Ranked

These are the best weapon loadouts in the XDefiant Beta and how we rank all of the game's guns in its current build.

Increasing your time-to-kill (TTK) in XDefiant is central to winning matches in the game’s current beta. To do so, you’ll need the right weapon in your hands. Below, we provide the best weapon loadouts and the attachments you’ll want to use, as well as rank all of the guns as they are in the current beta.

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Best Weapon Loadouts in XDefiant

Since Ubisoft unlocked all gun attachments for beta testing purposes, you can try out all the best loadouts without having to unlock anything. Below are all the best loadouts for each weapon in my opinion.

Best MP7 Loadout

This MP7 loadout improves speed, accuracy, and stability. We have a larger breakdown of the loadout here, but these are the attachments you’ll want. This one is a personal favorite of mine!

  • Barrel: Chrome-Lined
  • Front Rail: Handstop
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Rear Grip: Lightweight
  • Stock: Collapsed

Best M4A1 Loadout

The M4A1 assault rifle is currently the best assault rifle in XDefiante. This build focuses on rate of fire, reload speed, and handling. We dive deeper into the M4A1 loadout here, but these are the attachments to focus on.

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel: Stabilizing Barrel
  • Front Rail: Leather-Wrapped Foregrip
  • Optics: Reflex Sight
  • Magazine: Fast Mag

Best ACR 6.8 Loadout

Many XDefiant players consider the ACR 6.8 superior to M4A1, but no matter the choice, it’s the build that defines how effectively the weapons perform. As with the M4A1, this loadout focuses on increasing rate of fire and reducing reload speed, with the main difference in recoil reduction.

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel: Rapid Fire
  • Front Rail: Vertical Grip
  • Optics: Holographic Sight
  • Magazine: Extended Mag

All XDefiant Beta Guns Ranked

There are 24 weapons in XDefiant Beta that can be improved in a number of ways with the help of 44 attachments. If you still can’t decide which weapons to pick, here are the guns ranked.

Assault Rifles Ranked

  • S-Tier: M4A1
  • A-Tier: ACR 6.8
  • B-Tier: AK-47
  • C-Tier: M16A4

Submachine Guns Ranked

  • S-Tier: MP7
  • A-Tier: Vector .45 ACP / MP5A2
  • B-Tier: P90

Light Machine Guns Ranked

  • S-Tier: M249
  • A-Tier: RPK-74
  • B-Tier: M60

Shotguns Ranked

  • S-Tier: AA-12
  • A-Tier: Double Barrel
  • B-Tier: M870

Marksman Rifles Ranked

  • A-Tier: MK 20 SSR
  • B-Tier: SVD

Sniper Rifles Ranked

  • A-Tier: M44
  • B-Tier: TAC-50

Handguns Ranked

  • S-Tier: 93R
  • A-Tier: M9 / 686 Magnum
  • B-Tier: M1911
  • C-Tier: D50 / 5.7

Those are the best XDefiant loadouts, as well as all beta guns ranked. Stay tuned for more Xdefiant tips and tricks articles right here.

Featured image via Ubisoft.

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