The Biomutant XXYYZZ puzzle is one of the game's many cable puzzles, but also one of the trickiest. Here's how to solve it.

Biomutant Cable Puzzles XXYYZZ Guide

The Biomutant XXYYZZ puzzle is one of the game's many cable puzzles, but also one of the trickiest. Here's how to solve it.

There are tons of Biomutant puzzles. The story is rife with them. These puzzles come in three main categories: cable, circuit board, and rotation, like the one found early on in Bunker 101. Completing these puzzles will increase your character’s intellect, earning you more allowed moves in future puzzles. The Biomutant XXYYZZ puzzle is one of the trickier cable puzzles in the game.

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The Biomutant XXYYZZ puzzle has stumped many players since the action RPG released, but this guide will cover its solution, plus some tricks that can be used to solve the other cable puzzles later in the game.

How to Solve the Biomutant XXYYZZ Puzzle

The objective of this Biomutant puzzle is to match the string of green letters along the bottom to the white letters. Each of the puzzle’s ports will add or subtract green letters from your string, indicated by the letters that display around the port.

The white letters above the port will add to your total, while the yellow letters below will subtract from your total.

The Biomutant XXYYZZ puzzle will have one labeled port in each corner, plus six ports in the center. The solution to the puzzle is quite simple: plug both ends of the three cables into the six center ports. It doesn’t matter which cables ports you connect to each other. Just make sure the center six are filled.

How to Solve Biomutant Cable Puzzles

If you’re interested in figuring out how to solve these types of puzzles so you can handle the even harder ones later in the game, here’s a tip that can significantly reduce the difficulty of the puzzle. The first thing you should do when looking into a cable puzzle is add all of the ports together.

In the case of the Biomutant XXYYZZ puzzle, add the center six ports to the corner four and see what it sums to. It will add to XXXXYYYZZZ.

Next, you want to look at the sum and determine what needs to be removed from that sum to get the solution.


It might not seem immediately obvious why you’re doing this, but what you’ve done is substantially reduce the problem. Now, instead of trying to make the plugged ports add to XXYYZZ, you can make the empty ports add to XXYZ. Looking at the puzzle, this puzzle now becomes trivial. The four corner ports are XXYZ, therefore the solution is just the one that has every port filled except for those ones.

Another thing to be sure of when doing these cable puzzles is to solve the entire thing before making any moves. You can sum the ports in your head, so as to avoid using up all of your moves and failing. It will never take more than six moves to solve the puzzle, so as long as you know the solve the puzzle before making moves, you can always complete it, regardless of your intellect level.

And that’s how you solve the Biomutant XXYYZZ cable puzzles, as well as how to quickly puzzle out others throughout the game. For more on Experiment 101’s action RPG, consider checking out our other Biomutant tips articles. If you’re still on the fence for the game, considering heading over to our official review

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