Bioshock: Chompers Dental Key Location

While the Chompers Dental Key is clearly visible, it can't actually be grabbed until you find the right plasmid in the Bioshock Medical Pavilion area.

While the Chompers Dental Key is clearly visible, it can't actually be grabbed until you find the right plasmid in the Bioshock Medical Pavilion area.

Bioshock has a few vexing areas, but one of the first you’ll come across is Chompers Dental. To get through the area, you’ll need the Chompers Dental Key. Luckily, we know just where to find it. 

When trying to access the area’s Door Control you’ll get the following message: “You Need The Chompers Dental Office Key.” Normally finding a key wouldn’t be a big deal, but there’s a catch: the key is actually in the same room that you need the key to enter!

In any normal first-person shooter, that might be the end of the line. But with the right Plasmid equipped, you can actually get the key without ever entering the office.

Where to Find the Chompers Dental Key in Bioshock

      Chomper’s Dental Office Key Location

Use the telekinesis to pick up the key and pull it directly to you through the broken window to the left of the main door.

If you can’t see the Chompers Dental key at first due to the shading and low light, just stand still for a second and it will flash white as a quest item.

It is possible to accidentally drop the key while using telekinesis, and it may land in an area outside your line of sight (one you can’t reach). Bungling the telekinesis pull effectively means you can never get into the Chomper’s Dental and find all the loot inside. Unfortunately, there are no cheats to get it back. 

If you do get inside Chomper’s Dental, there are three separate rooms: a reception area, a supply room for storage, and a back operating room. After you get through the locked door, make sure to grab the EVE Hypo under the counter, the Electric Shotgun Buck on the desk in the middle room, and the Antipersonnel Auto Rounds located on the floor and in the cabinet.

In the backroom, don’t forget to crack open the safe to find these items as well:

  • Auto Rounds
  • Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds
  • First Aid Kits

How to Get the Telekinesis Plasmid in Bioshock

The Telekinesis Plasmid is actually quite close to Chomper’s Dental and only takes a few minutes to pick up.

Head to the Medical Pavilion and look for Dandy Dental in the Dental Services area. Then find the Gatherer’s Garden with the green floor.

Press the switch on the podium to turn on the makeshift ball launcher, then look to the right to find the telekinesis plasmid. Once you’ve got it equipped, just head back to Chomper’s Dental and grab the key through the broken window.

      Where to find the Telekinesis Plasmid in Bioshock

That’s all you need to know about the Chompers Dental Key location in Bioshock. Even though getting inside isn’t necessary, grabbing the loot in Chompers Dental will go a long way to helping you defeat Rapture’s Splicers and Big Daddies. 

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