BitLife: How to Become a Model with the New Model Job Pack

How to use the new Job Pack to become a model in BitLife!

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Modeling just got an upgrade with the new Model Job Pack. Previously, you could become one through Job Listings, gaining Fame, and getting promotions. Now, you can leverage an agency, take local gigs, and become a world-famous elite. Here’s how to become a model in BitLife.

How to Use the Modeling Job Pack to Become a Model in BitLife

Before you can become a BitLife model, you need to purchase the Model Job Pack ($1.99) or get every current and future Job Pack through Boss Mode ($4.99). Neither is a big investment, but for my literal money, I’d just go ahead with the $5 option.

How to Focus on Looks While Aging

If you’re creating a Custom Life to be a model, then you’ll want to pick Modeling as your Special Talent. I’ve been able to get into Special Careers without their associated talent, but it’s easier when you have it. Aside from that, there isn’t much to do until you Age Up to your teen years. The most you can do prior to that is talk walks through Activities > Mind & Body > Walk to help your Looks Stat, which is important for modeling.

Then, once you hit 13, you can go to Activities > Mind & Body > Modeling Lessons and ask your parents to sign you up. Like Acting and Voice lessons, this improves your chances at landing a gig when you audition later. If you don’t have the Modeling Special Talent, then the Skill bar tends to fill slower, meaning you need to take more lessons to raise it.

How to Break into Modeling in BitLife

After you graduate from high school, you have the option to go to university. However, if you’re aiming to be a BitLife model, university is useless. Instead, go to Job > Special Careers > Model > Headshot and choose Grayscale or Full Color. You need headshots before you can get gigs. Then, go to Job > Casting Calls > Local Gigs and start submitting headshots.

If you get the prompt to audition and accept it, the window tells you what the client is looking for. Then, you move the Attitude, Poise, and Quirkiness sliders to fit the description given. As an example, a client looking for an elegant image means you want high Poise and lower Attitude and Quirkiness.

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As you audition for gigs and start to land them, you have a chance to be signed to an agency with the Model Job pack. This gives you easier access to clients and gigs, and can get you promoted to different aspects of modeling.

My character started as a Body Part Model, and the next stage was Stock Photo Model. Although the agency takes a commission, you get a salary and bonus money from the gigs you land, so it’s definitely more profitable.

Benefits of Signing with a Modeling Agency in BitLife

When you’re with a modeling agency, go to Job > Model > Colleagues > Casting Agent > Gig Inquiry to get an audition through the agency. You can also go to Clients instead of Colleagues to pick from the businesses your agency works with to seek out auditions yourself. Additionally, you can still go into Casting Calls and do Local Gigs on your own. Then, Elite Gigs when they’re available. From here, you keep taking gigs and working to build your fame.

And that’s how to become a model in BitLife with the new Model Job Pack. Of the Special Careers, it feels like one of the more difficult ones to be successful in because there’s a lot of luck involved. But from here, visit our guides hub for more topics like how to become a social media star or how to use the Stock Market.

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