BitLife: How to Become a Social Media Star

Learn how to be a social media star on BitLife and take on the Influencer Challenge!

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Some of us may have wondered how to become a social media star in real life, but in BitLife, the process is a bit easier. Becoming a social media star can be done without God Mode or the Actor Special Job pack, although both help you gain an audience faster. However, there’s no need to spend real money for this task. In this guide we’ll go over how to become a social media star in BitLife.

How to Become a Social Media Star in BitLife

The primary steps you want to follow are:

  • Keep your stats as high as possible (80 or higher preferred).
  • Make an account for each social media platform.
  • Post daily on each platform.

Improving Your Stats in BitLife

Having higher stats helps you build an audience faster, so while you age up and wait to be able to create your accounts, you’ll want to try and keep Looks, Health, Smarts, and Happiness as high as you can. And it helps if you continue doing actions to improve stats even when you’re working on building an audience.

My yearly routine looked something like this as options opened up through aging:

  • Read a book
  • Go to the gym
  • Take a walk
  • Garden
  • Go to the public library
  • Meditate
  • Get a manicure and pedicure
  • Use any stat boosts that pop up

The only option in the above list that costs money is the manicure and pedicure, which you’ll have to get either through a daily quest, asking your parents, or a job when you’re old enough.

If you want or need to, Plastic Surgery is an option to increase your Looks more when your character is older and has the money for it. I did this for every character that I made into a social media star since it gives a decent boost to Looks.

Make an Account for Every Social Media Platform on BitLife

Once your character is 13 or older, you can make an account for each social media platform. The platforms included are:

  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Make Daily Social Media Posts in BitLife

YouTube and Twitch can be monetized so you receive ad revenue, which makes them the most consistently profitable. I put my focus on posting for those platforms, posting multiple times a year. Then, I posted maybe once a year for the other four platforms.

This is where RNG comes in. I had the best luck with beauty and gaming livestreams on Twitch, usually selecting Among Us, BitLife, or League of Legends. For YouTube, I had the best luck with BitLife and gaming posts. If one stopped getting subscribers, I’d try the other or age up and start again. For both platforms, you have the chance to go viral, which helps boost you towards the goal of becoming a social media star. Additionally, posting across multiple platforms seems to help improve your number of followers on each of them when you age up.

It seems that 1 million subscribers / followers is the point at which you earn the official social media star title, and from there, getting views and doing promotions becomes much easier, letting you earn a steady flow of income, even if it’s a bit tedious.

And those are the most important things you need to know regarding how to become a social media star in BitLife, meaning you can go work on grabbing the PewDiePie and Influencer challenges, or you can check out more guides like how to start a business and all the astronaut training answers.

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