BitLife: How to Increase Smarts

Smarts is the among the hardest stats to increase in BitLife. This guide can help!

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Knowing how to increase Smarts in BitLife can help you earn better jobs for higher paychecks. The stats that you start with are random, so you’ll have to work to increase those stats if you aren’t using the God Mode pack. If you have the Street Hustler pack, you’ll also have the Street Smarts stat to consider if you decide to make hustling your job.

How to Increase Smarts in BitLife

  • Smarts can be increased starting at age 6.
  • You can get a boost at random for a low stat when you age up.
  • Higher Smarts can help you get scholarships.

Of all the stats in BitLife, Smarts is one of the harder stats to increase. It helps you get a STEM degree, a job in the medical field, go to law school, and get jobs that require higher education. However, I’ve created a list of 10 ways that you can increase your Smarts:

  1. Read books.
  2. Visit the library.
  3. Random boosts.
  4. Smart decision making with prompts.
  5. Scoring well on the Memory Test.
  6. Choose to study/work harder.
  7. Gardening.
  8. Pursue more education.
  9. Meditating.
  10. Go to Space Camp.

And that seems to be every way that is currently available in BitLife to raise Smarts. Some options like Meditation have a chance to increase Smarts, but it’s random and not guaranteed. Reading books and going to the library are the easiest and most consistent in increasing Smarts.

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How to Increase Street Smarts in BitLife

Then there’s the Street Smarts stat that appears if you start working as a Street Hustler. A higher Street Smarts stat makes you a more successful hustler, and in the case of Scam Artist, it lets you perform higher level scams like selling fake weed.

At its core, Street Smarts is increased by successfully working as a hustler. Each year, the stat will change based on your options and how well you performed. 

I found it difficult to raise as a Scam Artist, but easier when I had a character with a special talent like music. I would practice an instrument through childhood, and then raise my Street Smarts by busking since my music level would basically guarantee I performed well when busking.

Street Smarts will transfer between hustles. So, I could raise my Street Smarts with busking, then switch to being a Scam Artist and perform Advanced Scams right away with my stat’s level.

From there, you’re ready to check out other BitLife guides like how to be a factory worker or how to get a prenup.

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