BitLife: How to Sell Fake Weed

Survive on the streets in BitLife with this guide on how to scam people with fake weed.

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The Job Packs in BitLife provide you with more career options, and you can use one to learn how to sell fake weed. The Street Hustler Job Pack lets you make a living off of swindling people on the street. However, you’re going to need some Street Smarts before you can pull off more advanced scams.

How to Become a Scam Artist

Before you can sell fake weed to unwitting buyers, you’ll have to become a Scam artist and complete a few steps.

  • Become a Street Hustler
  • Build Street Smarts to at least 80%
  • Become a Scam Artist
  • Perform Advanced Scams

Once your character turns 18, you can become a Street Hustler, which is only available if you buy the Street Hustler Job Pack for $4.99 through the Job Packs option in the Main Menu. You need Street Smarts to be at least 80% to perform Advanced Scams, which is what selling fake weed falls under.

However, you don’t need to build your Street Smarts as a Scam Artist. You can choose any hustle for it. I had bad RNG with leveling Street Smarts via Beginner and Intermediate Scams. So, I instead made a character with the Acting Talent and built Street Smarts as a Street Performer. I had him take Acting Lessons throughout childhood and then kept going into the Street Hustler job menu and practicing his hustle as a mime).

How to Sell Fake Weed in BitLife

Once you hit 80%, you can go into your job and choose a new hustle. From there, select Scam Artist. This way, you can select Sell Fake Weed as your scam from the beginning since you build up enough Street Smarts as a performer.

That’s how to sell fake weed in BitLife. It’s really that easy. Now that you know how to con your buyers, you can try a new path and check out our other BitLife guides for help in doing so.

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