BitLife: How to Buy Weapons

There are many reasons you might need a weapon in BitLife. Here's how to buy one!

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Weapons can be collected and shown off in a museum. Or you might decide to actually use them for violent acts. Either way, you’ll want to start your collection using the same method and hobnob with the Arms Dealer. Here’s how to buy weapons in BitLife.

How to Buy Weapons in BitLife

Because weapons are contraband and you can’t obtain them in legal ways, showing them off in a museum can get you arrested.

To buy weapons, you need the Black Market Expansion Pack, which costs $4.99. This gives you access to a set of Black Market merchants. It also lets you open a museum, taxidermy bodies, and attend auctions. Since the prices vary, make sure you have money before you go to the merchants or an auction.

Visit the Arms Dealer

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When you’re ready, go to Activities -> Black Market -> Arms Dealer. You’ll see a window showing the dealer’s attitude toward you. This can affect the prices and if they’re willing to haggle. When you look at their wares, you can see up to three options by saying you aren’t interested in the first ones.

Each one has a chance at having a time limit, determining how long you have to decide if you want to buy it. But if you end up not buying an item after seeing three, you’ll get kicked out for the year. Then, you have to Age Up before looking at their weapon stock.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to go through all three options. You can buy any of them. So, if the first item you see is what you want, go ahead and buy it. However, you aren’t guaranteed the item. Another customer might swoop in and offer more money. From here, you can give up and move on to the next item, offer more money, or attack the other customer to force them to give up the item.

Buying BitLife Weapons at Auction

If you get kicked out, you can go to the Arms Dealer again and watch an ad to see an item for auction. Otherwise, you can go to Assets and choose an auction house to visit.

Auction houses require you to have a certain amount of wealth to get in. And you have to pay what’s essentially an entrance fee. There’s also no guarantee that a weapon will be up for auction when you visit. This isn’t my favorite option, so I usually just Age Up and visit the dealer directly again instead of risking too much money.

How to Use Weapons in BitLife

Once you purchase weapons, you can find them in Assets -> Belongings -> Weapons. You can’t use them through that path, however. To use them, you need to get in a fight and attack somebody, selecting one of your weapons in the prompt that follows the choice to attack.

And that covers how to buy a weapon in BitLife, as well as how to use them. Once you start visiting the Black Market, the dealers you interact with begin popping up to ask you for help when you Age Up. However, I haven’t been arrested yet for helping. So, it seems like a low-risk choice. From here, check out our BitLife guides hub for more topics like how to open a museum or how to appraise items.

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