BitLife: How to Appraise Items

Learn to appraise items so you can add them to your museum in BitLife!

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The Black Market Expansion lets you open and run a museum, putting your belongings on display for the public. However, you need to know how to Appraise Items in BitLife before that’s possible.

How to Appraise Items in BitLife

If you have the value of an item, there’s no need to appraise it. However, items from auctions or the Black Market have to be appraised before displaying them.

How to Get Items for a Museum

When filling your museum, you have plenty of options for where to get your items. You can head to auctions, use the Black Market, go shopping for jewelry and instruments, or even taxidermy your loved ones and put them on display. The only catch is that you need to know the value of your item in order to put it on display. I’ve found that putting out Black Market items can lead to the police noticing it’s stolen and arresting you, so you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Appraising Items

Luckily, appraising items is straightforward and cheap. Go to Assets > Belongings and choose the category your item’s in. Choose the desired item, then select Appraise. It costs $100 or the equivalent in the currency of the country your character lives in. 

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Risks of the Black Market and Auctions

If it’s an item from an auction or the Black Market, this tells you if it’s real or fake. A real item will be valued at around the price you purchased it for or significantly higher. A fake item will be valued at a low price, which could even be a few hundred dollars or less. After the appraisal, you may display the item in your museum.

And that’s how to Appraise Items in BitLife. Remember, museums and appraisal are part of the Black Market Expansion. Which means that you need to purchase the pack with real money before you’re able to access it in-game. Otherwise, check out more topics on our BitLife guide hub like how to create a cult or how to become a social media star.

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