BitLife: How to Open and Run a Museum

Put your belongings on display and earn money from ticket sales with a museum in BitLife!

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With the Black Market Expansion Pack, you have the option to open your own museum and display items. However, you lose money if you’re not attracting visitors to your exhibits. Nobody said running a museum was easy. In this guide we’ll go into the ins and outs of how to open and run a museum in BitLife.

How to Open and Run a Museum in BitLife

Museums require that you pay monthly expenses. Plus, cleaning your displays costs a chunk of money. As such, you want to make a profit from ticket sales.

Purchase a Museum to Open

First, you can open a museum through Assets. However, it costs five million dollars to do so, meaning you’ll need a hefty chunk of cash when getting started. Additionally, you need money for buying items to add to your exhibits. Depending on what you want displayed, the price here could be in the millions as well.

Gather Items to Display

Next, you need items to display. You can get them through auctions, the Black Market, or replicas of items in BitLife like the Hollywood Star. Technically, you can also have your loved ones taxidermied when they die and display their bodies. As long as the item is appraised beforehand, you can add it to your collection. Items are appraised through Assets > Belongings and then selecting the item and choosing Appraise.

Risks of Black Market Items

If you display Black Market items, you risk being caught by the police. There’s a chance they visit and recognize the item as being stolen. Because of this, items from auctions are the safest to display. Although, you could end up spending a lot more money to acquire them. You’ll need to decide how much risk you want to take with your museum and collect items from there.

Raise Appeal and Traffic

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Now that your museum is open, you have two primary stats to watch: traffic and appeal. Appeal goes up when you have items that are maintained and unique. It also helps to have plenty of items and clean them regularly. Appeal raises your traffic. More traffic means more money from ticket sales.

Since you have monthly expenses to keep the museum operating, you want the traffic to stay higher for income. That way you aren’t operating at a loss, which slowly drains your funds and makes it harder to buy items for your exhibits. To help with money, you can change ticket prices. When you have high appeal or traffic, you can raise the price and maximize profit. If traffic drops, lowering the price can help bring it back up.

And that covers everything you need to know about how to open and run a museum on BitLife. The basics are straightforward, but it might take practice to get right given how expensive it is for your Bitizen to get a museum started. But from here, head to our guide hub for topics to help with money in-game like how to become a social media star or our list of the 10 best jobs.

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