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BitLife: How to Complete the Lady Luck Challenge

Fight against RNG to complete the Lady Luck Challenge in BitLife!

This week, we’re building a fortune using divorce settlements, casino winnings, and our talents in software development. But that means we have to compete with a fair amount of RNG to complete these tasks. Here, I’ll tell you how to complete the Lady Luck challenge in BitLife.

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All BitLife Lady Luck Challenge Requirements

Our tasks for this week include:

  1. Be born a female in Nevada.
  2. Become a famous mobile app developer.
  3. Win $1M+ in casino winnings.
  4. Win $5M+ in divorce settlements.
  5. Have the witch doctor cure an illness.

Lady Luck Challenge: How to be Born a Female in Nevada

This first Lady Luck task is simple. Create a Custom Life, and choose Female as your gender. Then choose the United States as your Country. Select Las Vegas as your Place to be born in Nevada. While Aging Up, keep your Smarts high. You must go to University. Beyond that, what you do until graduation is up to you.

Lady Luck Challenge: How to Become a Famous Mobile App Developer

Once you graduate high school, apply to University for Computer Science. If you don’t see this option, Age Up and check the next year until it appears. After you graduate, go to Occupation -> Job Listings and look for the Jr. App Developer option. Like with majors, if it doesn’t appear, Age Up and keep checking until you see it.

When working as an App Developer, go into Jobs -> App Developer -> Work Harder to increase your fame faster and get promotions. After a few years, you’ll check this task off. In the meantime, work on the other tasks since they don’t need to be done at the same time.

Lady Luck Challenge: How to Win $1M+ in Casino Winnings

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This task for the Lady Luck challenge has the worst RNG of all the tasks. Go to Activities -> Casino to start. The only casino game you can play in BitLife is Blackjack. Get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.

You must play until you win the required amount of money. That means it can take a while to get over $1M in earnings. So, here are a few tips from my experieence to be better at Blackjack in general.

  • If the dealer has a 2-6 showing and you have 12-16 in your hand, stand.
  • If the dealer has a 7-Ace showing and you have 12-16 in your hand, hit.
  • When you have an Ace and a card between 2-6, hit.
  • Since Aces count as 1 or 11, you have more flexibility with hitting and not busting.

Lady Luck Challenge: How to Win $5M+ in Divorce Settlements

Start this task before you gain fame as a developer or accumulate casino winnings. If you have a low bank balance and divorce someone rich, you get more in the settlement than if you have a higher bank balance. To do this, go to Activities -> Romance -> Date. Start going out with someone whose Money bar is maxed.

Once dating, go into Relationships -> Boyfriend/Girlfriend and repeat actions to increase your relationship. Give compliments and spend time together. After you raise the relationship bar, go to Relationships -> Boyfriend/Girlfriend -> Propose. If they accept, go right back in and choose Plan Wedding.

They might request a Prenup. Refuse and hope they go through with the marriage. After you’re married, go to Relationships -> Spouse -> Divorce. Confirm that you want to divorce your spouse. Collect the settlements, then repeat these steps until you check off the task.

Lady Luck Challenge: How to Have the Witch Doctor Cure an Illness

This Lady Luck task can be done anytime you’re over 18, have an illness, and have enough money to pay for the Witch Doctor. Sometimes, you get a disease randomly, but performing actions like going to the Gym or trolling the BitLife accounts on in-game social media increases the chances of contracting an illness.

After you’re afflicted with some type of sickness, go to Activities -> Doctor -> Witch Doctor and hope they’ll cure you. I find the chance of Witch Doctors successfully curing diseases is low. Keep visiting them until it finally works and checks off this task.

And that’s how to complete the Lady Luck challenge in BitLife. It’s the most RNG-reliant challenge we’ve had in a while. That means you might need to use multiple lives before it successfully gets completed. But from here, check out our guides hub for more topics like the Job Packs ranked worst to best or how to use the Stock Market.

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