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BitLife Job Packs Ranked Worst to Best

Which BitLife Job Packs are the best, and which are harder to get into?

BitLife Job Packs open up new, more in-depth career options than you’d normally have access to. You can get all current and future drops with Boss Mode. But they aren’t all easy to pursue or profitable. Here are all the BitLife Job Packs ranked from worst to best.

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Every BitLife Job Pack Ranked from Worst to Best

To rank the packs, I considered how much money you can make, how easy it is to get into the career and get promoted, and the risks of the job. Some players may prefer some of these small expansions over others — and that’s totally OK! My goal here is to present them in a way that helps you best decide which ones to get if you’re in the market.

Mafia Job Pack

The Mafia career path can be fun, but it’s difficult to make money. It also comes with the highest risks. You join one of the Mafia options, then you must make and contribute money to the organization from crimes to keep your position — and possibly your life.

Of course, committing crimes also comes with the risk of being arrested and going to prison for extended periods of time. And escaping prison in BitLife isn’t easy. When I try to create a life and join the Mafia, I tend to make most of my money from jobs in prison, though, so staying in the clink isn’t the worst for your virtual lifespan.

Overall, I wouldn’t choose this career unless it’s for a challenge or just for fun. If you want to make a lot of money, it’s not a fast or convenient path to wealth. It doesn’t help that crimes don’t pay a lot, either. Then, you have to give money to your group, and you might end up paying more for lawyer fees than you actually earn.

Street Hustler Job Pack

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The Street Hustler is another career that can be hard to get into. You might go your entire life without making much money. The biggest risks for this job are getting robbed or attacked by a stray animal. However, I find that the biggest downside to this job is that you have to guess which street has the right balance of traffic and crime. Then, you need to build enough skill to make a decent income.

There are some pretty positive aspects to this career, though. You have a variety of hustles you can perform. Depending on which one you choose, you can improve your skills and move on to more difficult hustles. It’s not impossible to be successful with this BitLife Job Pack. But if you want wealth, it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Business Job Pack

The biggest issue with the Business career in BitLife is how much money you need to get started. You can choose to go with a startup or buy an existing business. However, either option will cost you at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. Generally, the price tag is in the millions. Because of this, it’s not super accessible unless you inherit money or build up a fortune through other jobs.

Even when you get into this career, losing money is a big risk. You have to bet on which type of business will do well, which can be impossible in the best situations. Then, you invest a lot of money and hope it goes well. Fingers crossed. I only choose this option when I have a Social Media Star. That way, I can continue making money through media in case my business fails.

Politician Job Pack

Being a Politician in BitLife doesn’t have a lot of risks like the Mafia career path, but it can be rather difficult to get into. You need a good chunk of money to even pursue a Politician career because you need campaign funds to start out. And that means you’ll probably need to pick a different job, build up your savings, then switch to pursue political office. Then, you must start small and contest with RNG to win any office. Unless I’m doing a challenge, it doesn’t feel worthwhile.

Model Job Pack

Model is the newest Job Pack, but it doesn’t feel like it was able to separate itself enough from the Musician and Actor career paths. Since Model is already a standard job that you can pick up, putting it in Special Careers gives you more options over your work. However, it’s harder to become successful since you need to have high Looks, take Modeling Lessons, send headshots, and find the right blend of features during auditions to land the job. Overall, it feels pretty mid-level as a Job Pack.

Astronaut Job Pack

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Astronaut feels like one of the more original Job Packs. However, it gets a spot in the middle for a few reasons. While the pay is decent, your salary isn’t as much as it is in other Special Careers. Additionally, you need to meet more requirements for Astronaut than you do for most other packs. You need a STEM degree, must attend a Space Academy, and then earn a spot on missions. It also comes with a higher risk factor, considering missions and experiments can go wrong and kill you.

I like the Astronaut pack, and I appreciate the option to watch an ad and skip the flight simulator minigame. What I’d like to see is an option to conduct research while on Earth to help earn promotions when you’re a cadet, which would make it easier to earn your spot on a future mission into space.

Musician Job Pack

The Musician Job Pack requires you to have a decent skill level in at least one instrument or in Voice Lessons. You also need a decent amount of luck to get started, but you can enter the industry more easily with a Music degree and a bit of experience as a composer. Then, it’s much easier to switch to the Special Career and get signed. When I’ve done this, I was able to get signed as a solo artist in the first year.

From there, you build your fame pretty reliably. Create an album each year and perform concerts, then move on to world tours, and you’ll be raking in money. The nicest thing about this job being able to skip the RNG and extra steps of college and a few years as a composer.

Pro Athlete Job Pack

If you have the Athlete Special Talent and do well in sports through school, it’s easy to become a Pro Athlete. Once you get into the career, you run the risk of sports injuries. But there are options to address them and play again.

Keeping your performance and fitness high while in the career helps you maintain the position for decades, and you can pull in millions from it. With how easy it is to improve your skills and get into the job, along with the low-risk factor associated with it, the BitLife Pro Athlete Job Pack is one of the better ones.

Actor Job Pack

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Actor comes in first on my list, and not just because it’s my favorite. With the Actor Special Talent, Acting Lessons, and high Looks, it doesn’t take long to get into the career. You just need to work as an Extra as much as possible, then audition for every TV Show, and every Movie if needed. It can take a couple of years to get your first gig, but once you do, you’re set. 

The fame builds quickly, TV Shows pay per episode, can last years, and seem easier to get cast in compared to Movies. Also, you can use the Fame tab to make more money with Books, Commercials, and Photo Shoots. It’s a low-risk, high-reward Special Career. And the names of the characters, Shows, and Movies are entertaining since they parody real media.

And those are the BitLife Job Packs ranked worst to best. However, I look forward to the Vampire Job Pack when it’s released in the future, considering it’s listed in Special Careers as a future pack. From here, head to our guides hub for topics like expansions and job packs we’d love to see.

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