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BitLife: How to Escape Prison

Escape prison and head back into society in BitLife!

Depending on the choices you make, you might end up in virtual jail. While you could mindlessly age up until your sentence is done, that might not be an option if you have a challenge to finish. So, here’s how to escape from prison in BitLife.

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How to Escape from Prison in BitLife

There’s no Get Out of Jail Free card in BitLife prison. Instead, you’re reduced to two buttons: Age and Prison. As such, you’ll have to go to Prison -> Escape to start your attempt. Once you do, you’ll receive a message confirming that you want to try escaping from prison, which you can agree to or cancel and stay in behind bars. This is because a failed jailbreak ends up increasing your sentence.

Skip the Mini-Game with an Ad

BitLife Prison escape Mini Game
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When trying to break out, you can watch an ad for a guard’s uniform. While I hate watching ads, and I’m sure you do, too, this simple option lets you walk right out of the clink. However, this option is available only once per life, so if you get caught again, you have to escape by playing the mini-game.

Trap the Guard on a Wall and Run

The mini-game shows a grid with you and a guard shown on it. Of course, your goal is to reach the exit without the guard catching you. Here’s the overall gist of the mini-game.

  • On the grid, the darker lines indicate walls you can’t go through.
  • The trick to escaping is trapping the guard against walls so you can reach the exit.
  • When you move, the guard gets two moves, but they always move in the same line towards you.
  • Use this to trap them against walls so you can, at least, get enough distance away from the guard to avoid being caught and escape successfully.

How to Escape Maximum Security Grids

How to Escape Medium and Minimum Security Grids

And that covers how to escape from prison in BitLife. Challenges like Slice and Dice might put you in a position where you need to escape prison to complete the rest of your tasks. But you could also find that you want to give it a shot just for fun. Either way, head over to our BitLife guides hub for more topics like how to use the black market or how to scare someone to death.

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