BitLife: How to Scare Someone to Death

Use the power of fright to scare someone to death in BitLife!

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The power of fright is an unusual way to commit a murder, but necessary depending on the tasks of a challenge. As such, here’s how to scare someone to death in BitLife, a requirement of the Ooky Spooky challenge.

How Do You Scare Someone to Death in BitLife?

Murders in BitLife are more successful when using more aggressive methods. Which means scaring someone to death has various rates of working.

The Risks of Murder

The most effective methods for murder in BitLife are options like drive-by, stabbing, or pushing somebody from a cliff. So, you’re already looking at competing with RNG and adding a bit of extra difficulty by going for the scare to death option. If you’re doing it for a challenge, I’d recommend completing this task last, if possible. It’s easy to fail and get arrested, which makes completing other challenge tasks difficult if you’re convicted. On my first try, my character got scared to death instead since my target moved and somebody else lived at that location.

How to Commit the Murder

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If you have Job Packs, then create a character with the Crime Talent to increase your odds of success. When you’re ready, go to Activities > Crime > Murder, choose your target. After that, put Scare to Death as the method. If it’s not showing up as an option under method, close the pop-up and open it again until it does. After that, hope that you’re either successful, or at least not caught by law enforcement.

And that covers how to scare someone to death in BitLife. While it’s required for the Ooky Spooky challenge, it can also be a fun way to mix up your virtual lives with something different. From here, check our BitLife guide hub for more content like how to summon ghosts or how to get a haunted mansion, which are both part of the same live challenge.

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