How to Get a Haunted Mansion in BitLife

Add scares to your BitLife by purchasing a Haunted Mansion!

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Depending on the week, you might need to purchase a haunted house to complete a live challenge. So, here’s how to get a haunted mansion in BitLife.

How Do You Get a Haunted Mansion in BitLife?

You won’t find a house outright labeled as a mansion, so you have to do a bit of guessing to find what is and isn’t considered one in-game. It took me a little bit to figure it out, but there’s more than one sort of building categorized as a mansion.

What Counts as a Mansion?

In BitLife, mansions are houses labeled as Manor. However, a few other real estate types fall into the mansion category as well, such as Palaces and Castles. But in general, the manors are the typical mansions here. As such, you’ll want to look for a Haunted Manor or Haunted Castle for it to count as a Haunted Mansion.

How to Buy a Haunted Mansion

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When you have the money to purchase a haunted mansion, head to Assets > Go Shopping and choose one of the real estate options. Haunted properties will say so right on the listing, as you can see in my screenshot above. Most locations have two or three, so you’ll have a better chance at finding what you need. If there are no haunted mansions, age up and try again next year.

The Spirits of a Haunted Property

Once you have your haunted mansion, you’ll see it has a Spirits option when looking at the property in Assets. This shows you how many ghosts are there and their names. From here, you can try to summon or exorcise them. If you exorcise all the spirits in a haunted property, it becomes a normal property.

And that covers how to get a haunted mansion in BitLife. Living in a haunted location can lower your health and give you conditions like anxiety, or you can end up being attacked by spirits, which might be fatal depending on how much damage they do. But from here, check out more topics at our BitLife guide hub like how to claim the free Plastic Vampire Teeth that are only available in October or how to appraise items.

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