BitLife: How to Claim the Free Plastic Vampire Teeth

Get the free Plastic Vampire Teeth only in October for BitLife!

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Throughout October only, CandyWriter, the developers of BitLife, are giving out a little in-game Halloween treat. So, here’s how to claim the free Plastic Vampire Teeth in BitLife.

How to Claim the Free Plastic Vampire Teeth in BitLife

Like other items, the Plastic Vampire Teeth are available throughout lives and you can put replicas of them in your museums.

Claiming the Plastic Vampire Teeth

Claiming the vampire teeth requires going into the BitLife Marketplace. To do this, launch the game. You probably have a life in progress, so you can reach the main menu using the little icon with three horizontal lines in the top left corner. Then, select BitLife Marketplace.

I found the Plastic Vampire Teeth at the top under Featured. Tap on it to claim the item, and then it’ll be moved down to the item category, as you see in my image below. This is how you find it to add to a museum as well.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Where to Find the Plastic Vampire Teeth After Claiming

During your lives, you can’t access the teeth until your character is 18 years old. Then, go to Assets > Belongings > Items and you find the Plastic Vampire Teeth along with items like the Hollywood Star. Unfortunately, there are limited uses for the Plastic Vampire Teeth right now.

When you select them, you have the option to play with them or refurbish them. Otherwise, you could put them on display in a museum if you open one. Other than that, they’ll just be hanging out with your other belongings.

But that covers how to claim the free Plastic Vampire Teeth in BitLife. With a Vampire Job Pack coming in the future, as stated in the Special Careers section under Jobs, maybe the plastic teeth will have a new use. Until then, check out our BitLife guide hub for more topics like how to complete the She’s So Lucky Challenge or a list of all Astronaut Technical Training answers.

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