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How to Summon Ghosts in BitLife

Provoke the paranormal by summoning ghosts in BitLife!

Whether it’s for a challenge or just for fun, there are multiple reasons to dabble in the paranormal. Here’s how to summon ghosts in BitLife for a touch of virtual fright.

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How do you Summon a Ghost in BitLife? Answered

The biggest problem with summoning ghosts in BitLife is that RNG means it won’t work every time.

Buy a Haunted Property

Before you can summon a ghost, you need to purchase a haunted property. Do this by going to Assets > Go Shopping and selecting a real estate option. There are usually two or three realtors, depending on where your character lives. Haunted properties are listed as haunted, and they have a spooky little picture as well.

View Your Spirits

If there’s no requirement for it to be a mansion or a certain house type, I go for the cheaper options. Unless my character is somehow rich, I try not to use all my money on a house. After buying your house, you can view spirits through Assets > Properties > Select your house > Spirits. Each spirit has two meters: Activeness and Friendliness. Friendliness determines how likely the spirit is to attack you. Activeness determines how likely summoning is to work and if the spirit will show up during a pop-up event when you advance the year.

Attempt to Summon a Spirit

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To summon a spirit, return to the spirits tab and select one. Then, choose to try summoning it. I generally have bad luck with RNG here. So, I keep trying to summon the spirit until it works, advancing the year if I get multiple failed attempts in a row. But once it works, you’ll have successfully summoned the dead who linger on your property.

And that’s how to summon ghosts in BitLife. With Halloween coming up, it could be fun to bring the haunts to your virtual characters. From here, check our BitLife guides hub for topics like how to create a cult or how to claim the free Plastic Vampire Teeth, which are only available in October.

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