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BitLife: How to Complete the Slice and Dice Challenge

Everything you need to know to complete this week's BitLife live challenge: Slice and Dice!

We have a killer challenge this week. Literally. It’s time to collect a set of black market weapons and get ready to use them. Then, sell them again after using them to commit at least one murder. Here’s how to complete the Slice and Dice Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Finish the Slice and Dice Live Challenge in BitLife

You’ll need the Black Market Pack to complete this week’s tasks, which are:

Be Born a Male in Texas

First, you need to start a custom life. Choose to be a male in the United States. Then, for residence, you can choose Austin, Houston, or Dallas to be born in Texas. If you have the Crime Job Pack, then you also want to choose the Crime Special Talent. This makes the third and fourth tasks a lot easier. Since you don’t need a specific job, you can just Age Up to 18. I’d recommend doing gig work when you can, then getting a part-time job at 16 and building your finances. The Arms Dealer can be expensive, so you’ll need the money.

Purchase 5+ Weapons From the Arms Dealer

Go to Activities > Black Market > Arms Dealer to see what he’s selling each year after you turn 18. You might have to bid against other buyers, but it’s okay if you aren’t able to get each weapon. The game lets you watch an ad in exchange for a second chance to purchase from the Arms Dealer that year. Repeat this until you have at least five weapons from the dealer. One of those weapons needs to be a Katana.

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Attack 5+ Individuals with Weapons You’ve Purchased

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Then, you need to put those weapons to use. Engage in a conflict through pop-ups from Aging Up, which give you the choice to attack. To do so, you’ll use one of your weapons. Or you can attack somebody bidding against you at the Arms Dealer, using one of your weapons again. If you have the Katana, always choose to use that in case your attack results in a death. Repeat this step at least five times.

Murder Someone with a Katana

If you haven’t completed this task with the above step, then you want to go to Activities > Crime > Murder and use your katana as the method if it’s available. Otherwise, keep going to different Black Market vendors and attacking people who bid against you until it results in a murder.

Sell a Murder Weapon

After committing murder, go to Assets > Belongings > Weapons and choose the murder weapon. Get it appraised, and then you have the option to sell it. Take the first offer that you receive, and you’ll have the final task completed. If nobody wants to buy it that year, Age Up and try again.

And that’s how to complete the Slice and Dice Challenge in BitLife. The hardest task for me was buying the Katana, which took about 10 years to show up in the Arms Dealer’s inventory. But from here, check out our BitLife guides hub for more content, like how to scare someone to death or how to create a cult.

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