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BitLife: How to Complete the Thank You Next Challenge

Complete this week's live challenge in BitLife: Thank You, Next!

Inspired by a singer, this week we’ll be forming relationships just to break them. Getting engaged to call off our engagements. Getting married for the sake of being divorced. And, of course, adopting many adorable cats. Here’s how to complete the Thank You, Next challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete BitLife’s Thank You Next Live Challenge

This week, the order in which you complete the tasks matters to an extent. But there’s a bit of leeway.

Your tasks are:

  • Be born a female in Florida.
  • Go out with 5+ different people in secondary school.
  • Break off 3+ different engagements.
  • Divorce 2+ different spouses.
  • Adopt 5+ cats after your second divorce.

Be Born a Female in Florida

First, you need to start a custom life. Choose to be a female and put the United States as your country. Then, you’ll want to select Miami as your residence to check off the task and be born in Florida. For this challenge, you don’t need to get any particular job. So, you can put effort into increasing your stats or simply Age Up until you get to secondary school.

Go Out with 5+ Different People in Secondary School

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This task is the reason I had to start the challenge over. It doesn’t specify that the people you date in secondary school have to be your classmates to complete this one. So, once you get to secondary school, go to School > High School > Classmates and choose a classmate to date. Since you need five or more, you need to date about two each year of high school. You can just go down your classmate list and try dating all of them, getting as many checked off as possible each year in case they keep denying you.

Break Off 3+ Different Engagements

I did this one after the divorce task, but the order for these two tasks doesn’t matter. For this one, go to Activities > Date and accept the date that comes up. Then, go to Relationships > Boyfriend/Girlfriend > Propose. If you’re lucky, they’ll agree right away. In that case, you go back into Relationships > Fiance > Break Up. Otherwise, you have to Age Up and propose again. And you repeat this until you’ve done it at least three times and check off the task.

Divorce 2+ Different Spouses

This task is similar to the previous one but with an extra step. After you’re engaged to your partner, select them in Relationships again and choose Plan Wedding. When the wedding is done, go to Relationships > Husband/Wife > Divorce. Then, repeat the process again to complete the task. I did this before the engagement task so I could start adopting cats earlier.

Adopt 5+ Cats After Your Second Divorce

This might be the easiest task, and you can complete it in one year. After your second divorce, go to Activities > Pets > Animal Shelter and adopt a cat.  You can repeat this multiple times until you either have your five cats or the shelter doesn’t have more cats that year. If you haven’t gotten all of them, then Age Up and adopt the remaining cats you need. Then, your challenge is completed.

That covers how to complete the Thank You, Next challenge in BitLife. Compared to previous challenges, this one isn’t too difficult, and the RNG is minimal. From here, check out our BitLife guides hub for more topics like how to marry into royalty or how to become a fashion designer.

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