BitLife: How to Become a Fashion Designer

Take the fashion world by storm as a Fashion Designer in BitLife!

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Do you feel like you’re the designer that the virtual fashion world needs? Here’s how to become a fashion designer in BitLife, a task that has been appearing in recent live challenges frequently.

How Do You Get a Fashion Designer Job in BitLife

Since there isn’t a fashion major in the university options, the path you need to take can be unclear if you want to be a fashion designer.

Keep Your Smarts Stat High

When it comes to being a fashion designer, you can make a custom life or use a random life. This is because it’s available for any gender, country, and place of residence. Instead, the biggest factor is your Smarts.

If you start with a low percentage, then you’ll want to increase Smarts while Aging Up by doing activities like reading books, studying harder in school, and even asking your parents to go to Space Camp. I think the odds of your parents agreeing to Space Camp is pretty high, I’ve had it denied maybe once. And I generally get a decent boost in Smarts from it.

Go to University and Graduate

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After graduating high school, you want to apply to university and major in Graphic Design. It might not show up the first time. You can end up getting a Full-time job, then checking the university majors every time you Age Up until it appears. It’s a standard four-year degree, so you need to Age Up until you graduate. From there, all you need to do is search the Job Listings for Jr. Fashion Designer.

And that covers how to become a fashion designer in BitLife. It’s been among the tasks in multiple recent live challenges, such as the Shib-Uya challenge. As such, it never hurts to have an idea as to how to accomplish it. From here, check out our BitLife guide hub for more topics like how to appraise items or how to create a cult.

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