BitLife: How to Complete the Tis Giving Challenge

Get in the holiday spirit with the Tis Giving challenge in BitLife!

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Christmas is days away, and this week’s challenge reflects the spirit of giving. You’ll need a high-paying job to afford the items you need to give away, and maybe a bit of criminal activity. Here’s how to complete the Tis Giving challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Tis Giving Live Challenge in BitLife

While you can do these tasks in any order, I recommend saving the fifth task for last to make it easier to complete the other four. This week’s tasks are:

Give Your Best Friend a Mansion

So, this challenge doesn’t really start until your character is at least 18 and has a decent chunk of money from some source. This also means that it doesn’t matter where you choose to live or which gender you pick. But when you have the money, go to Assets > Go Shopping and search all the Real Estate options for a mansion. Manors, Palaces, and Castles also count as mansions in BitLife. If you can’t find any, you’ll need to Age Up and try again next year.

When you have a mansion, go to Assets > Properties and choose the mansion. Then, select Gift and choose your best friend from the drop-down list to complete your first task.

Give Your Mother/Father Something Worth $1M+

I’m combining the next two tasks into one because they’re essentially the same. You have a few options for what to give your parents this time. The easiest option here is to get a house for each one again because you’ll find ones that are worth at least a million pretty much every year. However, you could give them jewelry or art and other items if you have the Black Market Expansion and access to auctions.

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Once you decide on an item and purchase it, follow the same steps as above to give them a house, choosing your mom and dad instead. Otherwise, jewelry will be listed in Assets without extra steps, and anything from an auction will be in Assets > Belongings. However, those need to be appraised before you can do anything with them, which is done by selecting the item and choosing Appraise. After giving both parents their items, the second and third tasks are completed.

Give Blood 5+ Times

This task might be the easiest of the bunch. Go to Activities > Doctor > Give Blood. Then, repeat it until you’ve donated five times. I did this in one year, but you can spread it out over multiple years if you want.

Give Prison Guards the Slip

Now, it’s time to go to Activities > Crime and take your pick of which one you want to commit. The goal is to be arrested and go to prison, so cooperate with the officers and plead guilty for a prison sentence. From here, go to Prison > Escape. Watching an ad for a guard uniform is the easiest way to escape. However, you can also play the minigame to outwit the guard and reach freedom. In fact, I have a full guide to help you escape from prison, including grids and routes to take. Then, once you reach the exit, you’ll check off the final task.

And that covers how to complete the Tis Giving challenge in BitLife. Saving the prison escape in the end means you don’t compromise your ability to get jobs before buying all those expensive gifts. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to become an Actor or how to use the Stock Market.

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