BitLife: How to Get and Use Santa’s Sack

Bring comfort and joy to your virtual family and friends with Santa's Sack in BitLife!

Santa with a Sack of presents
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We’re well and fully in the middle of the holiday season, and that means that Christmas has come to our favorite virtual worlds, as well. This year, you can help out Santa as a merry elf by learning how to get and use Santa’s Sack in BitLife.

How to Get Santa’s Sack in BitLife

Santa’s Sack is a free item that you can claim and use in-game for a limited time. To get it, first make sure that your BitLife is updated to the latest version. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find Santa’s Sack in-game. Once that’s done, go into the BitLife Marketplace. You’ll find Santa’s Sack at the top and at the bottom under Items. Tap on it and claim it for free!

BitLife Marketplace
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How to Use Santa’s Sack

Once you have Santa’s Sack, you can use it during your lives. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go into Relationships.
  • Choose the person you want to give a gift.
  • Then, tap on them and select Gift from the list of interactions.
  • Here, you should have extra gift options that are holiday-themed to pick.

I had a gift that was candy cane themed that I could choose for one relationship. The options are usually normal items with a holiday spin. Each of those items is listed as free to give as a gift because you’re using Santa’s Sack to get them. No purchase necessary.

And that covers how to get and use Santa’s Sack in BitLife. With the latest update, you’ll also start finding holiday-themed pop-up messages when you Age Up. This includes events like encounters with Santa Claus. Otherwise, you can head to our guide hub for more topics like how to complete the Last Resort challenge, which is still available for a few days. Or you can learn how to become a social media star, which is useful if you decide to participate in this week’s live challenge!

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