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BitLife: How to Complete the Last Resort Challenge

Go from dropout to social media star in the Last Resort challenge in BitLife!

This week’s challenge mixes things up a bit. Instead of pursuing a degree, we’ll be dropping out of high school and getting fired from a job to then become a social media star. Here’s how to complete the Last Resort challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Last Resort Live Challenge in BitLife

The order in which you do tasks this week is important, so do them exactly as listed. Here they are in order:

Drop Out of High School

For this one, I waited until 17 to drop out. To do so, go into School > Your High School > Drop Out. But before that, make an account on every social media platform except OnlyFans when you turn 14. This way, you have a couple of years to start posting and building an audience, which helps later. After you drop out, Age Up to 18 and move on to the next step.

Get Fired from a Job in the Adult Film Industry

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First, you need a job in the adult film industry. Go to Jobs > Job Listings and look for Porn Cameraman or Porn Set Janitor. Those are the easiest ones to get hired for, and neither one requires any education or stats like high Looks. The cameraman position pays much more, and I was lucky that it showed up right when I turned 18 and started looking. So, I applied and accepted it. Then, to get fired, all I did was wait for a request to work more hours. For this, I chose to refuse and insult my supervisor. When I hit Age Up, I received a termination notice right away.

Start an OnlyFans Page After Being Fired

The same year you get fired, go into Assets > Social Media > OnlyFans and sign up. That’s it. This task is nice and simple to check off. I also did the next task the same year because there’s no reason not to.

For this, you just go to Assets > Social Media > OnlyFans > Post and choose Foot Video as the post type. Repeat this until you’ve done it at least five times, and the task will be checked off. I recommend that you continue posting until you aren’t getting many likes or followers from posts that year. This way, you build up your account to help with the next and final step.

Become a Top 10%+ Creator on OnlyFans

The main thing here is to post frequently and accept collaborations with other creators. If you built up your social media presence on other platforms earlier, then you can promote your OnlyFans on other platforms to pull in followers. Otherwise, it’s a matter of time and posting. Make sure you Age Up when your posts aren’t getting as much attention. This also raises your number of followers each year, which helps you climb to the Top 10% of accounts.

Additionally, choosing the Porn Cameraman job earlier helps here because it gives you fame. If you grow a bit of fame before being fired, you have way more followers when you make your OnlyFans account than you would otherwise. Because of this, I was able to check off this task about three years after creating the account.

And that’s how to complete the Last Resort challenge in BitLife. I can say with certainty that this was the fastest weekly challenge I’ve done yet, and it took less than 10 minutes to complete. But from here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to become a social media star or how to get a sugar daddy.

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