BitLife: How to Get Fired

Knowing how to get fired in BitLife can be necessary for quests and challenges, and we'll tell you the easiest way to be terminated!

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Getting fired in BitLife can seem like an odd goal, but you might need to get on your boss’ bad side and be terminated for a daily quest or a challenge. While you won’t need to purchase any game packs with real money to get fired from a job, you will have to deal with the finicky system that is RNG. In this guide we’ll go over how to get fired to minimize some of the RNG reliance.

How to Get Fired in BitLife

There are a few different ways to get fired in BitLife. Take note so you can optimize being a terrible employee.

  • The Job tab lets you check your performance in your current position.
  • You can be fired for poor performance or a low Health Stat.
  • You can be fired from lowering your relationships with coworkers.

The quest and challenges that require you to be fired from a job specifically want you to get fired from a full-time job. Your first step is getting to age 18 and being hired at a full-time job.

How to Get Fired due to Low Health

Employers don’t want employees who are sick or don’t put in effort. This means that you can make poor health choices like taking up the Hot Cheetos diet or doing drugs to lower your Health Stat and increase your chance of being fired. 

It took me a couple years to be fired with this method.

How to Get Fired due to Poor Performance

You can also go into Job > Select your position > Hours and choose to work fewer hours than is expected from you. This can increase your chance of being fired for poor performance.

It took me one year to get fired with this method.

How to Get Fired due to Conflicts with Coworkers

Your other option is to lower your relationships with your coworkers. Specifically, you want to be mean to your supervisor. In Jobs > Select your position > Coworkers, you can choose to interact with specific coworkers.

Instead of choosing at random and hoping that my character would be reported to HR, I selected the supervisor directly and kept hitting the Insult option.

It took me one year to be fired from my job with this method.

Now that you know how to get fired in BitLife, you might want guides for how to take a boat out to sea or how to increase the Health Stat that you might’ve lowered for the sake of this task.

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