Captain Hina and her squad went on vacation for some relaxation, but hey! Why not fight her and add her to your pirate crew?

Black Cage Hina Guide for One Piece Treasure Cruise

Captain Hina and her squad went on vacation for some relaxation, but hey! Why not fight her and add her to your pirate crew?

Black Cage Hina has finally come to Treasure Cruise‘s Extra Isle for a two-week event, and she is – along with some of her squad – recruitable!

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Captain Hina, the cute yet harsh Marine, has taken a tropical vacation on Extra Isle with her squad. While there, players have the chance of recruiting her along with Iron Fist Fullbody, the rare mini-boss One-Two Jango, and grabbing a number of character manuals. With four different levels, players can test their skills and crews, and maybe gain a new member or two.

Good Character Combos to Defeat Black Cage Hina

Hina hasn’t been mentioned in the series lately, but that doesn’t mean she’s not cool or unimportant at all. She’s actually kind of funny when she blows off Jango and Fullbody, her subordinates and (some of her many) long-time admirers. In Treasure Cruise, a fully evolved, 4-star Hina has:

  • Base HP of 1,088 (at Lvl. 99, 2,270)
  • Base Attack of 422 (905, max; 1,810 if you count her Captain’s Ability)
  • Base Recovery of 149 (300, max)
  • Captain’s Ability increasing QCK-type characters’ attack by 2
  • Special Move that keeps the team’s slots for the next turn

Double Ashura Zoro

Ashura Ichibugin Zoro as a character is great for nearly any crew set up. His Captain’s Ability boosts DEX-type characters’ HP by 2, as well as their attack by 2. A full team of DEX characters gets a significant boost in battle with this. So a full DEX crew captained by not one, two Ashura Zoros would just be even more of an already great boost.

This double captain set up provides a very tanky crew that can go through all four stages of Hina’s Resort Vacation. To fully round out the the team, you can add:

  • Smoker the White Hunter, whose Special Move reduces all damage taken by 50% for 3 turns.
  • Whitebeard Pirate Izo, in either his unevolved or fully evolved Flintlock Pistols-form. In both forms, Izo’s Special changes STR and QCK-slots to DEX slots, boosting the damage output of all the DEX characters in the team.
  • and for some extra, just-in-case back up, there’s Golden Pound or Sogeking Usopp. Usopp’s Special for both forms delay all enemies’ moves for 3 turns. Sogeking Usopp, though, also does damage when he uses his Special, damage 15 times his current attack.

Other Crews

Using a team with either of these characters is also good:

  • If you were able to recruit Hawk Eyes Mihawk from his 24-hour event last month, he’ll come in handy. His Captain’s Ability boosts the attack of Slasher-type characters by 2.5 and his Special reduces the HP of all enemeis by 30%.
  • Another visiter of Extra Isle, Escapee Morgan is extremely helpful in this fight. He boosts Slasher-type characters with his Captain’s Ability like Mihawk, but only by 1.5. His Special, though, does put him somewhat on par with the Warlord. His Special helps bound allies by shortening their bound time 2 turns.
  • You could even have Izo, unevolved or fully evolved, as a team captain, if you don’t have Ashura Zoro. Izo’s Captain’s Ability boosts the attack and recovery rate (RVC) of DEX-type characters by 2. So while not boosting their HP, there’s still some of the benefit of an Ashura Zoro.

How to Defeat Black Cage Hina

Round by Round

The Rookie and Veteran stages are easy enought to get through without any sort of guide. The last two stages, Elite and Expert, however, do require some kind of guide and walkthrough. The only difference between the last two stages is the damage output, a few characters here and there, and higher chances of drops, recruiting, and character manuals.

The first three, fifth, and sixth rounds mainly consist of:

  • Marines, both the weak and heavy hitters
  • Turtles, great for boosting a character’s level
  • Crabs for evolving
  • and a Sea Horse, also for evolving

It wouldn’t take that much to get through these rounds, though you shouldn’t take these enemies lightly. They can do some heavy damage if you let them live too long.

The fourth round is when things get more difficult. This is where Iron Fist Fullbody comes in with a mini crew of two Marines; all of them are STR-types.

His first move will be his Special, Double Hyper Straight, which’ll do damage in the 3000s (4,800 on Expert). His regular attacks do around 2,500 (3,000 on Expert), so it’s not wise to stretch out the fight longer than you have to. Upon his defeat, you have the chance of either recruiting him or getting a manual.

The seventh and final round consists of Hina herself and two other Marines. The biggest point to make here is to not attack the Marines first. You probably want to get them out the way, so you can focus your energy and time on Hina. But no, don’t. If you ignore her, she’ll activate a special move (“Ignore me?! Hina is Very Angry!”), where she heals the damage you did on the Marines and then attacks you. The other Marines attack as well and do a lot of damage. She’ll keep using that move every turn until you attack her, too.

It’s better to just attack Hina first with at least one or two characters and then switch off to the other Marines. If you do that, she won’t activate that move at all.

Once you get further into the fight and it seems like it’s going your way, bam! Here comes another one of Hina’s special moves. This time, it’s the special move you get when you recruit her for your pirate crew, Kimono Sleeve Cage. However, in this in-battle form, this Special binds a random crew member for 13 turns. (In the Rookie and Veteran stages, it was for just 1 turn.) She uses this move once she gets below 50% HP and for every turn after that.

If you’re so unlucky enough to get down to one character, Hina will just randomly bind the already bound characters. Unless you have a character that can help unbind your crewmates (Escapee Morgan), you have to wait until they naturally unbind or you die. If you die and restart with a Rainbow Gem, all of the team’s binds will disappear and you will be able to fight like normal again. 

And that’s it! Hopefully this guide helps you and anyone else who wants to battle Captain Hina and add her to your crew. Best of luck!

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