The Lauren Family event returns to BDO. Here's what you need to know about Lauren Family Coins and the Lauren Family gift box!

Black Desert Online – Everything You Need to Know About Lauren Family Coins

The Lauren Family event returns to BDO. Here's what you need to know about Lauren Family Coins and the Lauren Family gift box!
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The Lauren Family Coin event is pretty popular among the BDO playerbase — and given how often they bring it back, it seems like the Black Desert Online devs are big fans of it too.

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Like most events, players can earn event loot boxes that draw from a fairly large list of high-value items, like boss gear or enhancement materials. In the case of the Lauren Family event, players have to spend special event coins to get their boxes.

How to Get Lauren Family Coins in BDO

The Lauren Family event itself is actually very simple, requiring practically no effort from the player to earn their coins.

For every hour you’re logged in, you earn 10 Lauren Family Coins — and can garner up to 50 coins per daily reset. Then you simply claim these accumulated coins from your Rewards tab (the default hotkey is “Y”).

So all you need to do is be logged-in (even if you’re just AFK) for 5 hours each day during the event period to get the most out of it. 

Exchanging Lauren Family Coins for a Lauren Family Gift Box in BDO

You exchange 30 coins for a Lauren Family Gift Box, which means that you can earn up to 5 boxes every 3 days. Every major city will have an NPC you can exchange your coins with for one of the boxes:

  • Eileen (Velia)
  • Lara (Heidel)
  • Alchem (Calpheon City)
  • Nelople (Altinova)
  • Jursin (Valencia City)

You don’t need to memorize their names, however, as right-clicking on the Lauren Family Coins in your inventory and selecting “NPC Location” will auto-path you to the nearest exchange vendor.

Then, all you have to do is crack open the box. Here’s the contents of the last Lauren Event’s box:

Tips for the Lauren Family Event in BDO

While acquiring your event loot is a pretty straightforward process, there’s one thing you should be aware of during the event: every Lauren Family event has caused the prices for most items on its drop table to plummet.

Put simply, this means that this is a good time to buy items from the list, and a bad time to sell them. For example, Hard Black Crystal Shards tend to be a rarity on the marketplace.

This event will probably change that for its duration — and even if it doesn’t, it will drop the price of Bensho’s Necklaces (also on the drop table), which you’ll be able to buy at a discounted price and then process into two Hard Black Crystal Shards.

Obviously, this won’t affect the price of some of high-end stuff like the boss gear, and sometimes the price of an item might crash and stay down there for a really long time. But if you plan on selling stuff, it might be worth selling your event loot at a later date.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to enhance some of your accessories, there’s no better time to do it than during a Lauren Event, as the prices of accessories like Tree Spirit Belts and Red Coral Earrings will be at an all-time-low.

Not Getting Your Coins for the Lauren Family Event?

As the game requires no effort on your part for you to get your Lauren Family Coins (aside from being online), there isn’t much that could stop you from getting them.

That being said, if you’re not getting your coins, you should check the event dates to make sure the event isn’t over (the event also begins the day after the patch, not the day of).

Then check your playtime by opening your character profile page (default hotkey is “P”). If your playtime since the last daily reset is less than 5 hours, then you should still be getting coins every hour. If your playtime is over 5 hours, then you don’t have any more coins to receive for the day.

If, for whatever reason, you still aren’t getting the coins, then it’s probably some sort of error on the developer’s side (past Lauren Family events certainly haven’t been without their issues), and you should submit a support ticket.

So, that’s the Lauren Family event in a nutshell — just log in for 5 hours a day, and you’ll earn all the rewards the event has to offer. If you’re not used to being online for such long periods every day of the week, now’s a pretty good time to start learning how to auto-fish while AFK!

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