Blade & Soul – To transfer from Mushin/Windrest or not, and how to do it

Mushin and Windrest's login queues are insane. Should you transfer out with your Founder's items while you still can?

Mushin and Windrest's login queues are insane. Should you transfer out with your Founder's items while you still can?
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Blade & Soul Head Start has been a mostly bump-free experience sans a couple small bugs, but a large portion of Founder’s Pack holders can’t get in. Why? Because they went straight for the most popular servers in pre-launch polls and the login queues even for Premium members are massive.

Fellow Mushin (NA) players, and you similarly unfortunate souls on Windrest (EU) have a one-time opportunity to take Founder’s Pack benefits to greener pastures. Will you take it?

NCSoft are offering one-time free transfers for Mushin and Windrest players who changed their mind about playing on the game’s most populated servers because of the huge queue times. If Premium players are already in 2+ hour queues during Head Start, launch is only going to be worse. And it’s going to be that way for a while.

How to transfer your character name and Founder’s Pack items from Mushin and Windrest

The process for transferring one character from these servers is simple.

First and foremost, you need to make a character on the server you want to play on. Servers are currently on a lock rotation, so be sure to check to make sure the server you want to go on isn’t locked before you make a character.

If you didn’t check the locks before you went and made your new character, just save its appearance and come back when the server is unlocked.

After you’ve got your spiffy new character up and running, you need to make your way to the Blade & Soul support page to submit a ticket.

Then choose “Gameplay Issues” from the drop down menu.

From here, NCSoft needs you to state the character name on Mushin or Windrest you want to remove the name and Founder’s items from, along with the server and new character you have made. My ticket looked like this (character names blocked out):

Now you’re done with your half of the effort!

The details on these transfers

There are a few things to keep in mind in regards to these server transfers in particular,  because they’re not technically server transfers at all. They’re name transfers with a reset of Founder’s benefits and NCoins.

Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Your character is not technically being transferred from the original server, only the name
  • Your original character’s level will not be migrated to the new server
  • Any items you’ve earned in-game aside from Daily Dash items (which are account-wide) will not be migrated
  • Transfers will not be instant, rather they will be done in the order they are received
  • Transfers will be available until 9PM PST, January 22nd
  • Essentially only your name is being migrated
  • Founder’s Pack and NCoin purchases are being reset for transfers

In short, any progress you’ve made so far with your character will be wiped with the transfer. Though honestly that’s not too bad considering it’s nearly impossible to get into Windrest and Mushin right now.

Founder’s Pack items and NCoins

Most people are most upset that Founder’s Pack items are only given to one character, which is why so many (myself included) were pensive to give up on Mushin or Windrest and roll somewhere else.

This transfer completely resets the Founder’s items you’ve redeemed and instead sends them to your new character. Which means: yes, your snazzy Master’s Pack outfits and Disciple goodies that you had already used on your previous character will make their way to your new one. I don’t know what I’d do without those 50 dragon bags and this solves that.

NCoin purchases aside from Premium membership purchases will also be refunded. So if you (just like me) splurged a little on the cash shop, you’ll get those burned NCoins back to spend on your new character.

Why are so many people on Mushin and Windrest anyway?

Because those servers were around since Alpha and won all the popularity polls pre-Head Start.

Anyone who paid attention to the community before Head Start began knew what was going to happen. Some hoped it wouldn’t be too bad, but massive queues were bound to happen with so much of the big Founder’s Pack holders jamming themselves into a single server in their region.

Nah, the 4000+ player queues in China were faster than this.

Those who have played Blade & Soul‘s other releases know how important it is to have a bustling server population at endgame due to 24-mans. The big worry is that a few months after the launch boom, the other servers are going to be all-but dead.

A server’s future population is definitely something to keep in mind and it is the very reason I decided to roll on Mushin despite my friends not being Premium. But if you’re playing with free to play friends or you yourself are a non-Premium player, it’s probably not worth it. You and your buddies both will be sitting in queue wondering why you didn’t just roll somewhere else for the first few weeks.

Transferring could either be a good idea or a bad one, depending on how long you end up sticking with Blade & Soul and where the totally free to play population settles. You really should keep this in mind before you submit your support ticket. Weigh the pros and cons. The pros to sticking around on Windrest and Mushin may be far higher than the cons in the long run, but there’s no way to tell just yet.

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