We're going to help you move from beginner to master in Bleach Brave Souls.

Bleach Brave Souls – Beginner’s Guide

We're going to help you move from beginner to master in Bleach Brave Souls.
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Bleach Brave Souls is a brand new mobile role-playing game based on the fantastic anime,  Bleach. The story, of course, follows Ichigo on his journey to master his skills and become a Shinigami.

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This time around, though, players won’t be battling alone. Brave Souls allows everyone to gather a team of their favorite anime characters in order to fight against enemies and alongside other gamers like yourself.

The game is a tad difficult to get into at first, and that is why we have compiled a beginner’s guide so you can hit the ground running.

Earn Every Star!

Each level features three different stars for the player to earn. The first is simple: you just need to clear the level. The other two, however, require special circumstances in order to be obtained. One of them generally focuses on completing the level within the allotted time or better, and the other is usually for keeping your allies alive throughout the entire battle. 

Every single star you earn in the game will turn into a Spirit Orb, which allows the player to summon even more allies while playing. This is an invaluable tool to have in the later game, so strive to acquire all three stars early on.

Dodge Those Attacks!

Dodging is one of the greatest features of the game. It will keep your player character alive for extended periods of time — and the animation appears quite cool and well thought out.

In order to dodge, though, you need to keep an eye on your surroundings; specifically on the enemy combatants. When the enemy begins to flash red, this means they will soon attack you. Use this information to perform a dodge roll and escape from the attack.

In order to perform a dodge, simply swipe your screen in either direction. You should practice this move in the early levels.

Exploit Weakness, Young Warrior!

Every single character in Brave Souls has an elemental affinity assigned to them, and just like in Pokemon, different elements best each other. 

  • Red Elements > Green Elements
  • Green Elements > Blue Elements
  • Blue Elements > Red Elements

Finally, there are purple and orange elements, which are a tad different. Basically, these two elements will combat each other and best each other in the fight.

On every single stage selection screen, a preview of the enemies and their elements will be displayed. Use this information to your advantage when entering the arena.

Use Your Soul Tree!

Every character in the game has their own Soul Tree, which offers permanent stat increases when upgraded. To unlock each node on this tree you will require power crystals for every single character. These are not character-specific, though.

Power crystals, thankfully, can be located throughout each level. Destroy every single object you come across and tackle each enemy that faces off against you in order to earn the most crystals.

These are some very general tips, but they should allow you to progress quite far in the. Once you have mastered the art of the dodge roll, using the soul tree effectively, and powering up your characters, Bleach Brave Souls becomes a simple game to master.


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