Borderlands 2 – How to Get Behind Marcus Glitch Tutorial!

How to Get Behind Marcus in Sanctuary on Borderlands 2!
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The Borderlands series is built around playing with friends, so what is better than showing off to your friends? 

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I am not one to promote cheating, but this is a simple and harmless glitch that is cool to show off in game, and will make your teammates wonder if they are playing with a Borderlands master! 

When you load your Borderlands 2 save, you will appear in Sanctuary (if not simply fast travel to Sanctuary). You can visit Marcus and buy basic weapons, and off to the right there is a firing range to try out your brand new weapons. Have you wondered how to get behind the poor practice dummy in the firing range?  

Enough about the gloating! Let’s get to the guide!

Before you enter Marcus’ shop, take a left into a little alley way – pictured here:


Next step is to run over the the back left corner of the alley and you will find a light post

Jump on top of the little ledge on the light post and you will find a lamp over the door to your right which you need to jump on. Once you find yourself on top of the actual lamp above the door, you can jump outside of the boundary of Sanctuary! 

Once you are on the roof, look to the side of what is Marcus’ shop. 

Important: Make sure you do a sprint jump off the side of the building you are currently standing on. If you don’t do a sprint jump, you shall die a Shakespeare-like, dramatic death! If you avoid such death and land the jump, you need to stick to the wall on the left (or you will die a death as described above)! 

After that, keep looking along the wall for a giant vault door.


You will then need to go to the right side of the vault door and you can walk straight in and give a grand “Hello” to Marcus! 

Again there is no real point to the glitch as it won’t get you a secret weapon or a skin but it is really cool to show your friends next time your in a game of Borderlands 2!

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