Borderlands 3 “Connection to PlayStation Network Has Been Lost” Fix

A simple fix for a big problem for Borderlands 3 players on PS4.

A simple fix for a big problem for Borderlands 3 players on PS4.

Borderlands 3 has its fair share of technical issues across all platforms. While we don’t have a fix for most just yet (such as those affecting PC performance or FPS), there is one potential fix for Borderlands 3 connection issues on PS4. This worked for me, and it may work for you.

I’m one of the many who get the “Connection to PlayStation Network has been lost” error with the game. I can’t really comment on whether this fix will work for people getting different errors, but it did work for me and is easy enough that it might be worth trying if you’re having trouble with playing the game online on PS4.

I am not sure why this works, but it does and is totally safe so safe that it requires safe mode (har har). However, this fix does only work on PS4 and does not work on Xbox One. Sorry. 

How to Fix Connection Issues on PS4

  1. Turn your PS4 off
  2. Hold the power button a few seconds until the console beeps (some online tutorials say it beeps twice, but my slim only beeped once)
  3. Choose option number 4, “Reset to Default Settings”
  4. Let the console reset its settings, then hop onto your profile
  5. Input your internet connection settings
  6. Log back into the PlayStation Network

You do not lose any of your save data or any of that by doing this. It resets some settings back to factory settings, but its nothing that can’t be sorted quickly a lot more quickly than sitting there repeatedly disconnecting from Borderlands 3.

Once you’ve done all of the above, you should be able to play without any trouble.

I’m not entirely sure why this fix works, but I turned to it after the frustration of one of our consoles connecting just fine and the other barely being able to connect to the game at all, despite both consoles being directly next to each other. C’est la vie; at least it’s fixed now.

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