Brain It On! Level 52 Guide

A guide to place the ball in the orange box for Level 52 of Brain It On!

Brain It On! is a challenging mobile game that tests players with various levels of physics puzzles. 

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As addicting as it is challenging, Brain It On! players will have to draw shapes, lines, and random squiggles in order to pass whatever level they’re on.

Level 52 Breakdown – How to place the ball in the orange box

In Level 52 of Brain It On! you have to get an orange ball from a high platform on the left side to an orange box on the right side. 

This level is time and order sensitive.

Step 1: Knock the orange ball off the platform

Begin by knocking the orange ball off the platform by clicking just to the left of the orange ball to make a white ball fall next to it. 

This will knock the orange ball off towards the middle of the map.

Step 2: Make a See Saw — quickly!

While the ball is falling towards you quickly draw a straight, horizontal line that’s longer on the left side and as far right as you can go until you hit the red.

Then, while the ball is still falling and the line is now tipping towards the left, draw a large squiggle ball on the right of the seesaw that will drop and launch the ball towards the right. 

Step 3: Repeat until it works!

It may take a few tries but this is the fastest method to beating the level and also collecting 3 stars! 

Make sure the horizontal line is long enough to reach the ball or it will just fall straight down

You Win!

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