Bravely Default: Conjurer Job Guide

Need to beef up your Summoner? Learn how with this Conjurer Job guide!
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The Conjurer is an interesting Job. I can say that I was a little confused about the name, thanks to playing Final Fantasy XIV, but I quickly got over it. This class makes use of summons, just like the summoner Job. Unlike the summoner, Conjurers use these summons in as support.

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They also have some nice support skills to increase and save MP, which is great as a summoner. They even have some ability to give more experience in battle. Overall, Conjurer can’t do a lot by itself, but coupled with Summoner, it is deadly.

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This guide will cover everything about Conjurer including:

  • Unlocking Conjurer: How to unlock the job.
  • Equipment guide: What they use, and the optimal equips
  • Ability List: What level they get them.
  • Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Conjurer.
  • Special Moves: Which are best suited for Conjurer.
  • Combat Tips: Being most effective in battle.

Unlocking Conjurer

You can unlock the Conjurer in Chapter 6 by defeating Yulyana.

  • Go to Yulyana after releasing all the crystals, then watch the cut scene.
  • After the cut scene, go to Eternia Central Command. Take the elevator, then the stairs until you reach the top to see another cut scene.
  • Go back to the 48th floor, then to the room in the northeast. You fight Alternis.
  • After the fight, go to Eternia City. Head north in town to the central healing tower, where you will fight Braev.
  • Leave town afterwards, then go to Twilight Ruins. You fight the three sisters at the end.
  • Go to Norende Ravine after the fight. You fight a group of enemies at the end.
  • Finally, go back to Yulyana to fight him.

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Equipment Guide – The best gear for Conjurer

Conjurers are unique because they have an A aptitude for all weapons..

  • Magic Attack and INT is key here. Pick armor and accessories that raise this.
  • Nullify elemental damage accessories also work well.
  • You can use a shield in one hand if you need extra defense.
  • Rods are great if you are using this with Summoner, which you should.
  • If you want to use the Healing Special Move, try a staff in your off-hand.

Ability List – Each ability and what they do

The Specialty for Conjurer is Post-Battle MP.

  • Post-Battle MP – Restores MP by 25% at the end of battle.
Level 1
  • Invocation Level 1: Girtablulu – Summon that raises Physical Defense to the Max for 10 turns.
Level 2
  • Steady MP Recover – Support ability that recovers 30 MP at the end of each turn.
Level 3
  • Invocation Level 2: Hresvelgr – Summon that raises Speed and Evasion to the Max for 10 turns.
Level 4
  • Critical MP Recover – Support ability that recovers 200 MP when your HP falls below 20%.
Level 5
  • Invocation Level 3: Ziusudra’s Sin – Summon that raises Magic Defense to the Max for 10 turns.
Level 6
  • Save Summon MP – Support ability that lowers the cost of summon magic by 25%.
Level 7
  • Post-Battle MP – Support ability that lets you use the Conjurer Specialty on other Jobs.
Level 8
  • Invocation Level 4: Promethean Fire – Summon that raises Physical Attack to the Max for 10 turns.
Level 9
  • Obliterate – Support ability that instantly kills all targets twenty or more levels lower than you at the start of battle. You still get the usual rewards for finishing the fight. Does not work on bosses.
Level 10
  • Invocation Level 5: Deus Ex – Summon that raises Magic Attack to the Max for 10 turns.
Level 11
  • Max Summoning – Support ability that doubles the cost of Summon Magic, but increases the power by 1.5 times.
Level 12
  • MP 30% Up – Support ability that raises max MP by 30%.
Level 13
  • Invocation Level 6: Susano-o – Summon that raises Crit Rate by 500% for 10 turns.
Level 14
  • Experience Up – Support ability that raises experience from battle by 1.5 times.

Cross Job Tips – Jobs that make the Conjurer shine

  • Summoner is what you need as your sub job. The Conjurer only has support abilities and most of them buff the Summoner very well.
  • Templar is very valuable because of their Magic Critical ability at level 5. Use that, mixed with the Summoner Job, and you will hit very hard with your summons.

Special Moves – The best moves for the Conjurer

  • Level 1 – Use magic 10 times to use.
    • Piercing Bolt: Attack one. Raises Magic Attack for all allies.
  • Level 2 – Use magic 20 times to use.
    • Withering Ripple: Weaken enemy. Raises Magic Attack for all allies.
  • Level 3 – Use magic 30 times to use.
    • Holy Weapon: Attack all, slaying Demon. Raises Magic Attack for all allies.

Combat Tips – Using Conjurer the most effectively in battle

As stated before, Conjurer is a buff class, best used for Summoner. If you other Jobs that don’t need a sub job, Conjurer is useful for them as well because they can max any attack and defense.

  • With Summoner, use Deus Ex before attacking to max out your Magic Attack.
  • If you have the Magic Critical ability, use Susano-o as well, to give you a high chance to crit.
  • Take advantage of an enemies elemental weakness with the appropriate summon. If they have no weakness, use Susano-o.

That’s it for Conjurer. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments below!

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