Bravely Default Summon Locations and Summoner Job guide

Do you wonder where to get the summons for the Summoner Job in Bravely Default? Then, check out this guide for their locations and other tips!

The Summoner is a unique class because you have to find the summons around the world before you can use them. I will guide you to their locations, as well as give tips on maximizing your potential as a Summoner.

This guide will cover everything about Summoner including:

  • Unlocking Summoner: How to unlock the job.
  • Summon Locations: The locations for each summon.
  • Equipment guide: What they use, and the optimal equips
  • Ability List: What level they get them.
  • Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Summoner.
  • Special Moves: Which are best suited for Summoner.
  • Combat Tips: Being most effective in battle.

Unlocking Summoner

You unlock Summoner in Chapter 2 of the game. You must defeat Mephilia in Florem Gardens. You get a quest in Florem City to search for special earrings. It is the quest marker to the west of Florem city on the World Map.

You get Mephilia's Memo after defeating her. This gives clues to the locations of the summons. Check the Notes section in D's Journal for the memo.

Summon Locations

Girtablulu (Earth)
  • You get this automatically for unlocking Summoner.
Hresvelgr (Wind)
  • Temple of Wind - 2nd floor. Available in Chapter 2.
  • Talk to the NPC and survive the Wind summon attack.
  • Equip an ability or accessory that weakens Wind damage and you will survive.
Ziusudra's Sin (Water)
  • Mount Fragmentum - Slope. It is the cave to the east of Florem City. Available in Chapter 2.
  • Talk to the NPC and survive the Water summon attack.
  • Equip an ability or accessory that weakens Water damage and you will survive.
Promethean Fire (Fire)
  • Fire Temple - South. Available in Chapter 3.
  • Talk to the NPC and survive the Fire summon attack.
  • Equip an ability or accessory that weakens Fire damage and you will survive.
Deus Ex (Lightning)
  • Everlast Tower - 2nd floor. Available in Chapter 4.
  • Talk to the NPC and survive the Lightning summon attack.
  • Equip an ability or accessory that weakens Lightning damage and you will survive.
Susano-o (Non-Elemental)
  • Crescent-like Ice Island North of Florem. Available in Chapter 5.
  • Land on the northwest area of the crescent. The scene will start.
  • It does a lot of damage, and you can't nullify it because it doesn't have an element. You can equip accessories that increase Magic Defense though.
  • Use the Angelic Ward support ability that White Mages get at level 8.
  • Red Mages also take less damage from Magic Attacks, so they can survive as well.

Equipment Guide

Summoners are about one thing: massive elemental damage to groups of enemies. They have S aptitude with Rods only, and E aptitude with armor.

  • Magic Attack and INT is key here. Pick armor and accessories that raise this.
  • Nullify elemental damage accessories also work well.
  • You can use a shield in one hand if you need extra defense.
  • Just stick with Rods.
  • Equip two magic Rods for increased Magic attack.
  • This also allows you to use the Rod special move.

Ability List

The Specialty for Summoner is Convert MP.

  • Convert MP - Restores MP by 1% of damage taken. Does not work with poison damage.
Level 1
  • Summoning Level 1: Girtablulu - Summon that does Earth damage to all enemies.
Level 2
  • Abate Lightning - Support ability that reduces damage taken from Lightning attacks. Does not stack with items with similar effects.
Level 3
  • Summing Level 2: Hresvelgr - Summon that does Wind damage to all enemies.
Level 4
  • Summing Level 3: Ziusudra's Sin - Summon that does Water Damage to all enemies.
Level 5
  • Friendship - Support ability that doubles the rate of affinity with one Summon Friend.
Level 6
  • Summoning Amp - Raises the MP cost and Damage of summons by 1.25 times.
Level 7
  • Summoning Level 4: Promethean Fire - Summon that does Fire damage to all enemies.
Level 8
  • Summoning Level 5: Deus Ex - Summon that does Lightning damage to all enemies.
Level 9
  • Summon Substitute - Support ability that automatically summons a random acquired summon when you get KO'd.
Level 10
  • Summoning Level 6: Susano- Summon that does non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Level 11
  • Convert MP - Support ability that allows you to use the Summoner's Specialty when you select other Jobs.
Level 12
  • Summoning Surge - Support ability that raises the damage of a summon based on how many times you use it.
Level 13
  • Summon in Pinch - Support ability that automatically summons a random acquired summon when HP is low.
Level 14
  • Amp Friends - Support ability that raises the effect of Friend Summon.

Cross Job Tips

  • Black Mage is great if you want single target magic and don't want to waste extra MP on a summon.
  • White Mage is helpful when you want extra magic defense. Their support abilities increase Magic defense and automatically heal poison, blind, or silence at the end of battle. Angelic ward is very useful because it gives a 50% chance to halve damage received.

Special Moves

  • Level 1 - Use magic 10 times to use.
    • Piercing Bolt: Attack one. Raises Magic Attack for all allies.
  • Level 2 - Use magic 20 times to use.
    • Withering Ripple: Weaken enemy. Raises Magic Attack for all allies.
  • Level 3 - Use magic 30 times to use.
    • Holy Weapon: Attack all, slaying Demon. Raises Magic Attack for all allies.

Combat Tips

Summoners deal elemental damage to entire groups of enemies. They have a huge MP pool to make up for how costly summons are. These work well with Black Mage spells.

It isn't worth picking Summoner over Black Mage until you have all summons because you can deal the same elemental damage with Black Mage.If you have a high level Black Mage already, then Summoner is a good one.

Summon is good if you want Earth damage or need to deal massive elemental damage to multiple enemies.

  • Use summons when dealing with multiple enemies that are weak to one of your summons.
  • Use Black Magic, or any magic, constantly to build up your Special Move.
  • After using the Rod special move, use a summon to take advantage of the increased magic attack.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments. Check my Master Guide List for help with anything else.

Published Feb. 9th 2014
  • Rabaal
    You can get Susano-o as soon as you restore the water crystal really. Once you embark for the fire crystal, just head up to the crescent island. Problem is, unless you're like me and obsessively power grinded, you will not survive the attack.

    I was level 54 when I did this (long before activating the fire crystal) and only one of my guys survived, and only with about 40 health.
  • Shinigami_2446
    Was so lost trying to find Sus. Glad I found this guide! I agree with raving about this game buuuut... Chapters 5-7 are just a waste of time...
  • lizzy_4652
    BEWARE OF SCAM!!!! Greetings to the world, My name is Mrs. LIZZY BENJAMINE I am from Poland am writing on what I passed through in my life, I have been barren for more than six years and my husband was no more happy with me, everyday was like a war in our lives both his family members were not happy with me, my life turned upside down and I never believed in any spell caster in my life because most of them are scams, but my friend Victoria made me know that (DR AGBALAGBA IS THE GREAT SPELL CASTER SOMEONE CAN TRUST) she gave me his email and when I contacted DR AGBALAGBA he made me believe that he is really indeed a GREAT ONE. Now am having my twin, a baby boy and a girl. Am happily living with my husband, no challenges you are passing through that DR AGBALAGBA can not be of help to him now so your problems will be solved AGBALAGBATEMPLE@YAHOO.COM
  • Enrico_6023
    Susano-O dosent seem very strong from what I can see
  • The chibi master of video games
    Thanks lol but Bravely default is in my honest opinion something I must complain about


    I saw the battle system as I went into battle for the first time and I literally cried tears of fire,it brings me back to the first FF...the one that started it all! Nobody can deny that truly remarkable final fantasy was and always will be the greatest rpg of them all! It was the first rpg to go above and beyond anything i can ever come across! From 8 bit pixel to intangible graphics and don't forget the music! That's one of the greatest aspects!!! It's the sound...bravely default is in every way a final fantasy based game (4 crystals of light duh) and the new battle system is EFF-ing Hard as trying to walk across a wire with one hand and no legs...well In hard mode atleast! It has been very long since I have been met with such strategic gameplay in an rpg,all the games that I look up to exist and play are all (let me hold your hand and walk you through this) this game however is unforgiving and viscious! There needs to be more RPGs like this in the future! Only RPGs like this! It is enough for me to say this game is 100% and I have not been able to say that about a game for 15 years...that's all I gotta say! And Remember
    Power to the players!*
  • TiquorSJ
    Featured Contributor
    Hands down Bravely Default is the best RPG of the last decade. We can debate a lot of specific points, but taken in total it is the complete package.
  • Andy_5611
    Nice work. Just letting you know you can get Susano-o as soon as you finish events in the boiler room (Grand Ship).
  • MrSelatcia
    Thank You! My summoner only has two two people she can call. Now I can find the rest.

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