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Bravely Default: Salve-Maker Job Guide

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a mad scientist? Then, check out this Salve-Maker Job Guide for Bravely Default!
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

The Salve-Maker is an interesting Job in Bravely Default. They are potion masters and mix items to create several new items. Salve-Makers also have the ability to use an item on all allies at once. If you like using items and creating new things, the Salve-Maker is for you.

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This guide will cover everything about Salve-Maker including:

  • Unlocking Salve-Maker: How to unlock the job.
  • Equipment guide: What they use, and the optimal equips
  • Ability List: What level they get them.
  • Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Salve-Maker.
  • Special Moves: Which are best suited for Salve-Maker.
  • Combat Tips: Being most effective in battle.

Unlocking Salve-Maker

You unlock Salve-Maker in Chapter 3 by defeating Qada. Go to Starkfort 3rd Floor.

Equipment Guide

Salve-Makers have S aptitude for Daggers and Staves.

  • Brave Suit is always one of the best. This helps with Salve-Maker because you can either use two items at the start of battle, or use an item on the party.
  • Use a shield in off-hand for added Defense.
  • Daggers. Even though they can use Staves, the Dagger Special Moves require you to use items. That is all you do as a Salve-Maker.

Ability List

The Specialty for Salve-Maker is Healing Lore.

  • Healing Lore Doubles the effectiveness of recovery effects when you use magic, abilities, or items that restore HP or MP.
Level 1
  • Compounding – Combines two items to obtain a special effect.
Level 2
  • First Aid – Restores HP to the ally with the lowest HP at the end of the turn. Can even be used when Silenced.
Level 3
  • Experiment – Transforms a consumable item into an attack item.
Level 4
  • Attack Item Amp – Support ability that raises the damage of attack items to 1.5 times normal damage.
Level 5
  • Inoculate – Uses an item that cures a status ailment on one target to make them immune to that status ailment for 6 turns. Can still be used when Silenced.
Level 6
  • Auto-Potion – Support ability that automatically uses a potion on yourself when you take damage. You must have a Potion for this to work.
Level 7
  • Shorten Ailment – Support ability that raises the chances of Sleep, Paralyze, Dread, Confuse, Charm, and Stop being naturally cured at the start of each turn by 50%.
Level 8
  • Widen Area – Allows you to use an item on all targets. Requires an extra BP to use.
Level 9
  • Healing Lore – Support ability that allows you to use the Salve-Maker Specialty on other Jobs.
Level 10
  • Turn Toxic – Uses a recovery item to inflict poison and do damage based on the amount of the recovery item. Potions do HP damage and Ethers do MP damage.
Level 11
  • Auto-Phoenix – Support ability that automatically uses a Phoenix Down if an ally is K.O. during that last command in your turn. Does not work if you Default and you must have a Phoenix Down in your inventory.
Level 12
  • Collect – Gets an item during battle. The items you get differ by location.
Level 13
  • Resurrect – Revives all allies and restores 25% of their max HP. Can still be used when Silenced.
Level 14
  • Feel No Pain – Support ability that stops you from taking HP damage for 2 turns at the start of battle. The damage taken during those 2 turns gets subtracted all at once at the end.

Cross Job Tips

  • Thief is helpful because you get Speed increases and can steal items to use in your experiments.
  • Performer is great for their stat boosts. If you want to save items or have time between using items, their boosts come in handy.
  • Monk is good if you want to use the Dark Breath combo item because it does damage based on max HP minus current HP. The more HP you have, the more you can lose and do more damage.


Special Moves

  • Level 1 – Use items 5 times.
    • Infinity: Attack one. Raises Hit Count for all allies.
  • Level 2 – Use items 10 times.
    • Blade Storm: Attack one. Also raises Hit Count for all allies.
  • Level 3 – Use items 15 times.
    • Cross Divide: Attack one. Also raises Hit Count for all allies.

Combat Tips

Salve-Makers have 89 possible combination items to make with the Compounding ability. Some are not as useful and some have the same effects as others.

  • You make Dark Breath by combining Spirit Bone and Dragon Fang.
  • Combine Monster Fiber with different elemental material to create Resist items for each element.
  • Combine Insect Antenna with different elemental material to create Bane items for each element. These items make the enemy weak to whatever element you use.
  • Hi-potion and X-potion combine to make Font of Life. This creates the Reraise effect and will auto-revive you when you K.O.

That’s it for Salve-Maker. If you have any questions, or know of any other useful compounding items, let me know in the comments.

For more tips and guides, visit my Bravely Default Master Guide List.

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