Bravely Default: Valkyrie Job Guide

Pierce even the strongest foe with your spear. Check out this Valkyrie Job Guide for Bravely Default to Jump like a pro.

Pierce even the strongest foe with your spear. Check out this Valkyrie Job Guide for Bravely Default to Jump like a pro.

Valkyrie, AKA Dragoon, is a master of the spear. They deal great damage at cost of extra BP. If you love to jump at enemies and don’t mind the extra turns needed for their attacks, then this class is for you. Continue reading to want to learn more about these Death Angels of the Battlefield.

This guide will cover everything about Valkyrie including:

  • Unlocking Valkyrie: How to unlock the job.
  • Equipment guide: What they use, and the optimal equips.
  • Ability List: What level they get them.
  • Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Valkyrie.
  • Special Moves: Which are best suited for Valkyrie.
  • Combat Tips: Being most effective in battle.

Unlocking Valkyrie

You unlock Valkyrie by defeating Einheria at Witherwood in chapter 2. You get a side-quest from Florem City after the festival is over.

Equipment Guide

Valkyries have S aptitude for Spears and A for Armor.

  • It is best to equip gear that raises Strength.
  • Give the heavy armor to this class.
  • Accessories that nullify status effects that prevent you from attacking are good, or ones that raise HP.
  • Spears. Nothing else will do with this class. It is the only S aptitude weapon they have and their abilities do more damage with a spear.

Ability List

Valkyries have the Soul Mates Specialty.

  • Soul Mates – Increases Physical and Magic Attack by 25% when an ally gets K.O. It can’t go any higher than 150%.

Level 1
  • Crescent Moon – Attacks all enemies. Costs an extra BP to use.
Level 2
  • Jump – Leaps in the air the first turn. Attacks the second turn with double damage. Triple damage with a Spear equipped. Costs an extra BP to use.
Level 3
  • Spear Lore – Support ability that raises Spear aptitude to S.
Level 4
  • Judgement – Attacks one target for triple damage. Costs two extra BP to use.
Level 5
  • Spirit Barrier – Allows you to take damage to MP instead of HP for a time.
Level 6
  • Soul Crush – Does damage to the target’s MP.
Level 7
  • BP Skill Amp – Causes abilities that use BP to use an extra BP, but increases the damage of those skills by 1.5 times.
Level 8
  • Decimate – Everyone that has 10% HP or lower is instantly killed. This applies to allies as well.

Level 9
  • High Jump – Leaps in the air the first turn. Attacks the second turn with triple damage. 4.5 times damage with a Spear equipped. Costs 2 extra BP to use.
Level 10
  • Pierce Default – Deals normal damage, but ignores defense granted by Default stance.
Level 11
  • Soul Mates – Grants the use of Soul Mates for other classes.
Level 12
  • Aerials – Support ability that increases the amount of time in the air of Jump attacks by one turn, but also increases their damage by 1.5 times.
Level 13
  • Sky High – Support ability that lets you start the battle already in the air.
Level 14
  • Super Jump – Leaps in the air the first turn. Attacks two turns later with double damage to all enemies.

Cross Job Tips

  • Knight is good for their Two-Handed ability. It raises attack if you equip only one sword, axe, spear, staff, or katana.
  • Red Mage can really help since they recover BP often. This helps because of the high BP costs of most Valkyrie attacks.

Special Moves

  • Level 1 – Cause physical damage to 10 enemies.
    • Horizon – Attack one enemy. Raises Crit Rate for all allies.
  • Level 2 – Cause physical damage to 20 enemies.
    • Overpower – Attack one enemy and paralyze them. Raises Physical Attack for all allies.
  • Level 3 – Cause physical damage to 30 enemies.
    • Megiddo Flame – Attacks all enemies with fire damage. Raises Physical Attack for all allies.

Combat Tips

Valkyries can deal a lot of damage, they just use a lot of BP to do it. If you save up BP, you will unleash devastating attacks.

  • Be careful when using Jump. You don’t want unnecessary damage done to weakened allies. You also don’t want to come down when a strong attack happens.
  • They have great group attacks so use them when you need to kill groups of enemies quickly.

If you need any more help, or have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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